26 April 2013

Content is King-Ruling Cocept of Blogging World

We all love to blog,but very few of us interested in serious blogging.So,are you interested in serious blogging?Then one thing you must know-“content is  king”,surely it’s not my quote but many pro-blogger said this and it’s been well tested and absolutely right.If you want to know Why,How or what is it really then this post is only for you.

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Quality Content

In short Quality content is those which is being wriiten for live people not ony for bots are mainlt called as quality content.It also include the post must be well written along with a good introduction image,introduction paragraph,some sub paragraph along with sub headings and also a conclusion at the end.The post must be a result of well research on that particular topic and the last but not the least it must be 100% original.

Content is King

Now it’s time to discuss about the main part of this topic why content is treated as the king for blogging?Maybe you have a blog with nice design ,a custom domain,fast loading,SEO optimized etc. But if the content of your blog fully copied no one will like to visit your blog whether it’s search engine bots or live human.There was a certain time when google the search engine giant do not take to much care about the content of any blog,but after Panda update and as well as the dangerous Penguine Update the story is over and many well SERP blog lost their position due to copyright material on their blog

Advantages of This Concept

Here it’s time to discuss about the advantages of this basic concept of blogging

  • Backlink:we all know backlink is the most needed thing for any blog.If your blog do have quality content then other fellow blogger will love to link to your blog and your backlink will increase easily and trusted way.This may also help to  improve your PageRank as well.
  • Traffic: we all want traffic on our blog,human traffic as well as search engine bot traffic and those two always prefer quality content of blog.Suppose you visiting one blog with full of copied content,will you consider to visit that again?no,never....same as search bots too do the same wayIf you have quality content you’ll ultimately get a huge traffic
  •  Comment: Comment is always the inspiration of any blog.It helps a blogger become more enthusiastic about blogging,spent more times on writing.If your blog have good content will definitely receive quality comments from readers.
  • Popularity:A well popular blog must have some quality content.If your blog have quality it’ll surely get popularity one day.
  • Earning Money:Now it’s time to get some money from blogging.Being a blogger we all do expect some money from our blog and their also content of the blog take a huge part.If your blog content is good you’ll receive all the above discussed advantages which will lead you to earn money

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There are also many other advantages of producing quality content on your blog.If you are producing quality content on your blog you’ll get to know the other advantages as well.Carry on the good work,keep blogging.

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  1. The first time I do blogging is for fun and just for a hobby. But now I take it seriously.

  2. good write up Boss, i agree that content is the main stuff

  3. I'm having a hard time on the technical section of my blog. I guess 6 months of serious blogging means I need to learn more.

  4. Content is the blog's heart and soul. :)

  5. I do agree about content being king. That's why we totally need to work hard on producing quality content :)