21 April 2013

Make Money With Facebook Fan Page

Make Money With Facebook Fan Page
Earning some well amount of money online money doesn’t ask you to be a socialite, neither does it demands some rocket science from you. In fact all you need to know and do to make some good money with your interest in Social media site like Facebook, is the awareness of how you can turn your Facebook account into cash.If you can made it possible it would be the most greatest things you have ever done throught this web. People took Facebook as a Social Networking site only, but it can turn into a business with profits that are beyond our imaginations. Simple Question that may be knocking at your mind is how  could it be done? Isn’t it? With Facebook Fan Pages, you can earn as much as you want, if you are innovative enough to target a huge audience.

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Resource Required

Just like every other business, real world or online, earning from Facebook Fan Pages needs some resources that work perfectly as a tool, for example, the niche you choose to create a fan page, the product and its potential audience as well. The better your thought, the more you  can earn. You just have to find out something that Billions of People might be interested in-collectively. Once You decide something to begin it up with, Then you have to attract followers. This might be time taking, depending on how much interesting you Fan Page is, and how much influential your page turns out to be- once leaked in that network. If you are desperate enough to get some good results in no time, you could also go for buying facebook likes from Trusted Buyers, which is widely available on internet.
Now that you just got some good audience to follow you, it’s the productive time. Here are Four well proved ways that can give you revenue from your Facebook Fan Page.

  • Targeting Local Dealers

If you wish to play it safe initially and have few likes in hand, you need to target your revenue first, which will basically be coming from the local advertisements of your immediate city,let's say a local shop near your house. Starting with one or two, you can advertise for different local brands on your fan page, earning for your advertisements from the client.However your targeted audience are mainly from your locality too, there are wide chances that this deal would facilitate the three of you, that is, You, Your Client and Your Followers.
  •  Selling developer applications

Nowadays all that is visible, is for some price, so are the developer applications available on the Facebook.What happens here is, you can place these applications on your page and can get some well amount of money from the developer with every download that is made through your page. Let's say an application been downloaded by 30 followers out of 1000, this will give you the opportunity to earn up to $ 60 a day.
  • Social Advertisements

That concept is quite similar to the concept we've already shared while discussing the online earning strategies in blogging. By using Social advertisements, you will be able to earn pay-per-click by offering the spaces of your page to these ads. Here the chances are even bigger, Social Market is quite big, and  the opportunities of getting ads to be displayed on your page as well. All you need to do is, to provide them free spaces and start earning from them.
  •  Promoting Affiliate Links or Referral Links

Real business is all about enjoying profit from our resources from every directions. This indicates the idea of promoting your rivals on your page and getting money from them. This is what we know as affiliate links, where the products are like the ones you share on your fan page are promoted through several referral links, and the owner pays you for that.

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So you see, Facebook is much more than only sharing pictures and statuses. There are people who are running their livings with their fan pages and are quite happy with it. Try learning a productive part in everything you do, specially Facebooking!Your views about this post are highly appreciated.
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  1. Wow! There are so many ways now to earn online. I wish I could utilize it. Swerte ng mga kaya.

  2. I have a facebook page with 10000 likes..can i earn from this page?