8 April 2013

Make Money With Technorati Media

Make Money With Technorati Media
TechnoratiMedia is one of the most used Google Adsense alternaive for those webmasters who do love to get some money for their blog.It provide some great opportunity to make money from their blog.This advertisement programme started since 2008 and as we all know Technorati,one of the greatest blog directory of all time,this advertisement programme is one of the part of it.If your blog do not have adsense or being banned from adsense then you can surely go with it.This programme mainly provide cpm ads 

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Ads Provide By Technorati Media

TechnoratiMedia provides different kinds of CPM ads for blog owners accroding to their niche blog.They provide banner ads,expandable ads,overlay ads,sidebar sponsored skins etc.Just like other advertisement programmes you can't use more than two ad types provided by technorati on the same page on your blog.

Benefits of Using Technorati Media

  • They provide an easy approval process,not as strict as adsense
  • They have a large network with huge advertisement support and advertisement base
  • They do have good network support
  • They always provide quality ads
  • Their  CPM rates are quite decent

Payment and Signup Process

TechnoratiMedia do support $50 paypal or check.It's mean you can only get your money after you reached that  amount,but there is also another thing that is if you got $50 on your account on mid january you can't be able to get that untill april which is not quite good as we think.
If you do have a blog  written in english and don't have any adult contain then you can go for it without any further hesitation.The sign up process is very easy,it's just a two page form,after once you get approved you'll get the adcode to paste on your blog and ads will start displaying on your blog,So just go for sign up 

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TechnoratiMedia surely not pay as much as Adsense but If your blog don't have adsense approved then you can surely went for TechnoratiMedia as it is a nice adsense alternative and do support with other third party advertisement programme on your blog.So you can easily earn some few bucks with it.So let's start earning.If you find this post helpful don't forget to subscribe our rss feed.Thank you.

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  1. This may even be a better alternative as adsense has too many restrictions.

    1. yes,nowadays it's been hard to get approve from adsense :-S

  2. Just signed up... thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Thanks for the reco! I'm not on Adsense, they kinda suck. Haha!