18 April 2013

Plugins to Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog


Plugins to Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog
Wordpress is one of the most used blogging platform available in this web.There are several people around the world who just love to use use wordpress for various purpose.Due to it's flexibilty and plugin availability people do prefer it more.People who use wordpress for publishing their posts, blogs, company information about products or services or having website based on wordpress, would surely wish to know about the best wordpress plugins for faster website loading. As a slow loading web page really irritates users and also slows down the overall performance. To get better experience, knowing best wordpress plugins can help users at a great extent and some good results to the blog owners as well

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How Catching Wordpress Works

It creates a web page copy and saves them into the server like static files and also cached queries on database. After that, when visitors reach to the specific web pages, it receives cached page from server. This process increases the loading speed of webpage and also decreasing resources of the server needed to develop the serve web pages and Speed Up WordPress.
By using WordPress Plugin, the users of wordpress sites be able to make the caching system of their wordpress based website the fastest and easiest. Nowadays, many WordPress plugins are available online and here our article will help people to choose the best wordpress plugins for Speed Up WordPress for this purpose.
  • DB Reloaded Fix Cache: It is a new modified DB reloaded cache version,compatible with WordPress 3.1. This plugin caches queries for MySQL which users perform to optimize the speed of a site.

However, the caching database query should be sufficient for websites and this plugin is really effective and performs superbly. It is is a new wordpress plugin of caching and as of now, it is not that much examined  by users of WordPress
  • Hyper Extended Cache: As per its name, hyper extended Cache is enhanced form of popular Hyper wordpress plugin cache.  This plugin is associated with various amazing features like 404 caching page error, supporting phone devices and several options of compression.

To see mobile support of this plugin, you can check on your testing site by using a mobile device like iPhone or of Opera Mini. The loading speed will be amazingly faster than before.
It have a great and pleased user base and it is evidenced through online rating of wordpress.org.
  •  Quick Cache plugin: This wordpress plugin has developed by Primo Themes. This plugin is user friendly and lightweight. It do provide some great features and that include capability for log in users and people who comment for caching disable and it helps them to check new comments instantly and it only works perfectly for active websites.
  •  Total W3 Cache: It is a quite popular wordpress caching plugin and many successful WordPress blogs like Smashing magazine and Mashable are using this plugin for their site.This plugin contends that a blog can easily load faster for 10 times after the successful installation of this plugin. Many blogger or users have admitted that their blog loading for static pages or old posts have amazingly improved by this plugin.

It provides loads of options that give users amazing optimized features to website like minification of source code ,content delivery network integrationand many more.
  •  WP-Cache Plugin: This plugin is listed as first plugin for wordpress caching and has started in 2007 for WordPress.org. So that plugin have a long list of track record that offers users the capability of learn poor loading WebPages, posts or files.
  • Cloudfare Plugin:It is also another most useful plugin for your wordpress blog to improve loading speed of your blog.Many wordpress user are using this now.Some people also used it as a security tool too.

Overall, this plugin works perfectly however the update frequency of it is quite lower in comparison to other plugins 

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If you try this plugin into your blog properly  they will surely Speed Up Your WordPress.Comments are highly appreciated.Thank you.
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