11 April 2013

Some Latest Features Blogger Introduced

Some Latest Features Blogger Introduced
In 2000-2005 if you want serious blogging then you must go for self hosted wordpress blog,that time using blogger as a blogging platform was just like kiddo kinda thing.That's why you may saw many pro-blogger have their blog on self hosted wordpress blog,but now time has changed,it's 2013 and many of us choosing blogger as serious blogging platform,blogger is no more a platform just for hobby or fun blogging.7 years ago blogger have 250000 active readers but today it's over 400 million.That's all become possible due to it's lately introduced some awesome features

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Some Features Blogger Recently Launched

  • Professional Template Collection
Blogger have a huge collection of professional template for their user,which are very much user friendly as well as SEO friendly.If still you do not satisfied with blogger templates you can choose any free template
  • Mobile Template
Blogger also introduced it's latest feature of mobile template for mobile blogs.This is also a pretty good thing,cause the number of mobile user is much more than pc user.

  • Comprehensive Widgets
Blogger uses widgets and plugins that help you to build a better and healthier site. It has a wide range of free Widgets inventory that enables us to add more spark to our site. There are some reputable developers like us who keeps on developing new widgets to keep this platform alive. You can access our Widget  or can even request us to develop any widget that you need for your blog.
  • Stability
Pingdom quotes once “Since Blogger was the only service with zero uptime at all. We skipped the chart here. We hope you did not mind. It simply would not have that interesting”. We do not have to prove that it is the only platform which has zero downtime. It gives to stability and you can always relay with your eyes close.
  • User Friendly Interface
You do not need any developing skills to use blogger on your site. The whole interface is not complicated at all. From the dashboard to the setting panel everything is arranged in a systemic manner so that a beginner would not feel any difficulty while using it. Aside from basic use tweaking and modifying the skins is fairly straightforward as well. 
  • Language
You can use blogger in 50 language,I guess which is a pretty cool thing for any blogger,that's mean you are quiet free in from the language barrier,which is definitely helpful for webmasters as well as blogger user.
  • Custom Permalink Structure
By default, blogger provides constructive permalinks. In spite of all this, blogger also offers a robust option to choose custom URL (permalink) for your posts. You can choose select few keywords and can use them in your URLs so that it can generate decent organic traffic from search engines. However, keep in mind stuffing your permalinks with many keywords would decrease the weightage of your keywords altogether. The more keywords you will add in the permalinks, the less will be the keyword weight and hence, its relevancy would be lower in the search results.  

  • Separate Meta Description for Posts
When you are searching anything on Google, you always see a piece of text line just beneath the search results. Those lines are there to help you to determine whether that’s the site which you were looking for. If you would not specify a Meta description, search engines will automatically establish a description for you based on your site’s content. Fortunately, there is a handy tool in blogger located at Settings >> Search engine Preference which enables you to specify separate Meta descriptions for your site’s content. 

  • Custom Redirects Functionality
What would you do, if you want to move your content from one URL to another? You would prefer to use a 301 Permanent redirect so that all the PageRank juice transfers from one page to another. Without pointing a redirect, there is no way you can recover the loss. Blogger also has custom redirect functionality which helps you in redirecting URLs to any page.  This tool can be accessed through Settings >> Search engine Preference >> Custom Redirects.  

  • Custom error Page
Blogger often creates a custom 404 not found page to provide some sorts of comic relief to their readers, and protects them from seeing unfriendly or unentertaining error messages. If you have a broken link on your blog, or a reader navigated to a link which was temporary down then the custom 404 not found page would assist them in finding the content which they were looking for. You can customize your error page from Settings >> Search Preference >> Custom Page Not Found. 
  • Comment System
Blogger introduced the highly userful threaded comment system just like wordpress and improve the spam filtering function on comment system which will definitely help your blog from spam free.

  • Custom Robots.txt and Robots Header Tag
Blogger recently added this new feature for advanced blogger to make your blog seo friendly.This is a great tool which increase your blog search enginee result performances for crawl and spider index.

  • rel="nofollow" Attribute
Blogger just introduce this rel="nofollow" feature within post content to make that link building content of SEO most controllable by the blog owner.If you don't want to share your page rank juice withsites you referring in your post then just simply put this tag to while linking to them and prevent google bots from crawling them.

  • Traffic Status Checker
Blogger make a huge changed on their traffic status on dashboard,with an accurate graph as well as the mostly viewde post,audience from different country,different source,different devices,different OS.Which will help webmaster to concentrate on rightt topic for audience.
  • Google plus
Google Plus is the newly lauched social networking site by Google,which maybe not as famous as the most popular social networking site facebook,but it's also well useable.Blogger connected ever webmaster's blogger profile with Google plus account through which they can share their newly written easily get traffic from gplus easily.

Hope blogger will introduce more attractive and useful features in future to make it the no.1 blogging platform,we wish for the best.If I missed something here about blogger's lately introduced features make us informed via comment form. 
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    1. Hope this new changes wouldn't complicate things in blogger! Thanks for sharing! Haven't really noticed!

      1. They are not complicated at all.don't worry dear :)

    2. better...since am still on blogger, i will make use of those features highlighted here

    3. This made me love blogger even more. Thanks for pointing out the update's highlights :)

    4. So cool! I didn't even know about this until now. :)