24 April 2013

Start Blogging with Tumblir

TumblirThere are several blogging platforms available in this world to give people a great blogging experience with their awesome features.When we heard about Tumblr as a blogging  platform, one of the main critics that is often mentioned is the lack of flexibility. Some say that compared to Blogger or Wordpress, Tumblr does not provide enough customization tools.which might explain why many bloggers ignore Tumblr as a decent choice and  choose Blogger, WordPress or even Typepad for their desireable blogging platform.
For those of you who desire to become Tumblr Tycoons without having to worry about CAPTCHA’s, plugins or monthly fees, here are some introduction details for you about how to start your blogging career with Tumblir.

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Tumblir Features

As a free social networking and microblogging website, Tumblr allows its registered users to post articles, quotes, links, images, and videos from your desktop, smartphone, and tablet device as well. Tumblr self promotes itself as a global online platform that encourages creativeness and freedom of self-expression. Some notable features of Tumblr are-->
    • Email-Allows registered users to post photos, videos, and text to their blog by sending it to a confidential email id provided to you. The content of the mail is automatically updated onto your blog.
    • Url Shorten-Users can create short URLs that enable easy sharing of links to your blogs. While you can also connect your blogs to your Twitter and Facebook accounts likely.
    • Reblog-You are easily allowed to reblog your existing blogs so as to publish them onto another Tumblr blog.
    • Communication-Users can get feedbacks and suggestions from the Tumblr community and can also interact with the community by asking questions with it's awesome features
    • Themes-You can customize the appearance of your blog by adding customized themes and selecting the appearance option.

    Tumblir Customization

    There are also some other features that will make sure you have a delightful social networking and microblogging experience. The stand alone feature of Tumblr is that it allows users to customize the page style and appearance of the blog. In programming terms, the main components of a Tumblr post are photos, images, links, video, audio, and quotes. So ensure that your themes are customized to suit these primary components. On this regard, I would like to suggest a few tips which will help you customize your Tumblr page:
    • Segregate photo posts, text posts, and video posts to make your blog more attractive and engaging.
    • If you are not an expert in HTML coding, then you have an array of premium and free themes to choose from to customize the appearance of your blog.
    • If you are well-versed in HTML coding, you can follow these tips to customize your Tumblr page. Click the name of your blog first, under which you have the customize appearance option, and then click the Edit HTML option. Please not that variables and blogs are the two types of operators used in the coding of a Tumblr page.
    • With the edit HTML option, you can pretty much customize all the notable options of a Tumblr page such as text posts, photo posts, video posts, tags, and content sources, among others.
    • Under the dashboard option, there is this ‘customize theme’ option, which allows you to select from a range of free and premium themes, and also change between standard and custom layouts.
    • You can use the variables HTML coding option to insert dynamic content like the title or description of a blog. You can use the block HTML coding option to conditionally declare a block of HTML for a data set.
    • If you frequently access your Tumblr blog on your iPhone, then you can certainly customize the appearance of your blog on the iPhone. Tumblr blogs are automatically optimized for viewing on portable devices, but you can also override the default option and add a custom layout page to change the appearance. 

    Hope these suggestions and tips will serve a useful guide in optimizing and customizing your Tumblr account as a newbie. If you already used Tumblir before and if we may forgot to mention something in here please feel free to share your experience with us using the comment section below!
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    1. I'm not sure why, but I never really considered blogging with Tumblr. :)

      1. Tumblir is a great future blogging platform.I think now it's time to think about this blogging platform :)

    2. actually I have a tumbler account but seldom visited it

    3. i dont have tumblr account but i want to create one :) thanks for sharing :)