4 April 2013

TechTrickHome Moved Onto Custom Domain

Custom Domain
Most of the people starts their blogging carrier with sub domain service like (eg .blogspot.com ) there are so many advantages in using custom domain over sub domain. We too started this blog with blogspot.com domain but after receiving positive feedback from readers we purchased a custom domain from Godddy and redirect sub domain to custom. So am I right ? I think many blogger who are still on sub domain fear so on moving a domain because the results getting after this may be unexpected. This article will describe the advantages and disadvantages in using custom domain and remove some misconception from the mind of some bloggers.

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Some Temporary Disadvantages

  • Page Rank and Alexa Rank
This is the most worst point that causes many blogger to escape from custom domain. A sub domain will loose everything such as page rank,alexa rank and backlinks when it redirect to custom domain But this effect will be temporary once crawler index all of your blog pages corresponding to your custom domain you will get same page rank for your new domain in next update.

  • Traffic Decrease
Due to new domain you can also get a sharp decrement in your blog traffic so don't frustrate, now you have to update your blog frequently to attract search engine spiders with a reason to index blog pages in relative to your new domain.


  • Custom Domains Attracts Publishers
Custom domain always attracts publishers to your blog,it have more priority than a free sub domain.A custom domain always make your blog eligible to earn some extra money.Though the no.1 online publisher Google Adsense allows sub domain blog,but the process is very tough.BSA the most adsense alternate online publisher doesn't support any subdomain blog for their programme.

  • Increase Your Readership
It is well prove that number of subscriber increase to double or triple after geetting a custom domain, which is very interesting. Usually reader prefer to follow trusted blog that provide genuine and unique articles on regular basis. A sub domain is treated as temporary blog that can shutdown anytime because it is hosted on free service and shutting down that blog will not harm anything to author or founder. One of my friend when switch to custom domain its twitter and facebook likes just tripled. Hence custom domain will increase your subscriber rate which will further increase your blog traffic.

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So hope you do enjoy the article and got the idea of using a custom domain if you're interested in serious blogging.If still have any doubt about this then do ask and share your views with us on the comment box below.

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  1. Hi,
    Great Post!! Having a domain with extensions is really very useful Thanks For Sharing!!

  2. Shifting to my own domain helped me improved my stats.

  3. I don't have my own domain and I really don't know how to start.

  4. Shifting to my own domain was helpful. But when my hosting had problems, my PR went from 2 to N/A. It's been 6months+ already ever since :(

  5. I am not an internet savvy but I would also like to have my own domain. Just don't know where to start. :(

  6. Right after a month of blogging, I decided to get my own custom domain so it didn't really affect any ranks or traffic. I love having my own domain because it looks more legit :)

  7. Agree! Getting your own domain makes your blog more credible and for me, it made me more committed to my blog because I felt like I really owned it. :)

  8. Hmmm... Nice post! Getting a custom domain makes a Blog sounds more professional when the url is seen or mentioned..

  9. wow. its cool to have a custom domain :)

  10. I bought my own domain as soon as I began my blog, The Rebel Sweetheart. :)

  11. its informative bro nice...

  12. 1. I have a website of games, movies and software. So can I get Adsense account? All content are written by my self?

    2. does adsense allow to keep bridges like adf.ly during the time of downloading n if not what is the problem behind that ?

    3.for adsense account how many traffic need per day ?

    4. alexa ranking is also need or not?

    1. If you are providing free games,softwares,movies with copyright content then you can't get adsense as some softwares,games as well as keygen providing is against google adsense policy.Adsense also don't like such url shortening methods like adf.ly.for further answer you may go through this post Get Your Adsense Account Approved Easily

  13. HI,
    My blog rejected twice stating 'Insufficient content'.
    I have 20 posts in there, how many they want?
    Can you please check by blogger link below and suggest

    And do you think if I would have custom domain, then same content would be approved easily?