21 April 2013

Trackback,Another Way to Build Traffic

Trackback,Another Way to Build Traffic
A trackback is a form of “blog conversation” that links two or more relevant blog entries togetherly.A trackback URL is that someone posts a link to your site on your site. Instead, they have posted a link to your site on your site and have copied an article written.
One blogger writes an article that references or is relevated to another blog’s article and fills out the trackback section. When the blogger publishes that article the blog leaves a trackback on the other blog’s article as well, which usually appears in the comments area as a truncated summary with a link.You may have already saw that while seraching the web on several sites.

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Create Trackback

If your blog and the blog which you wish to link to using a trackback are both hosted through Wordpress, you can simply include your link easily in your post, and a trackback will automatically be sent to that other blog. If you and the other blogger use different blogging platforms, you'll need to obtain the trackback URL (or permalink) from the other blog post. Generally this can be found at the end of the post (possibly through a link called 'Trackback URL' or 'Permalink'). Always remember not all blogs allow trackbacks, so it's possible you may not be able to find a trackback link on some blog posts as well.

That's it! Trackbacks provide a courtesy tap on the shoulder and self promotion all rolled into one.

Get Traffic from Trackback

If you trackback someone else’s blog post you are leaving a link that points back to your blog. Someone who reads the blog article may come through from that link and visit your blog.That way you'd get some traffic as well.

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Trackback always a great thing in blogging context.Many bloggers do use this tricks,day by day it's getting popular as well.It's just like a give and take policy.As a result both blog been 
helped through this process.So do you like this idea or not?Share your view with us through the below comment box.Thank you.
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