26 May 2013

How to Create Blogroll on Blogger

blogroollAs a bloger, we usually added our Friends link on our blog to stay connected with their blog as well as stay updated too.It's almost done by every single blogger in this blogging world. Day by day and month by month the number  increased. However  if your friends link over than hundreds  or even thousands, it become a problem, your blog space will full of your friends link list.Not cool,ehh? 

So now here in this post we will show you how to create a blogroll on blogger blog, a box to place your friends link list. You can fill it with as many link as you want, and it's size will not get bigger. So it will surely gonna save the space on your blog or blog sidebar. 

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Add Blogroll On Blogger

  • Log onto Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Layout
  • Next select Add a Gadget
  • Under that choose HTML/Java Script and paste below code there

<div style="border: 1px solid rgb(153, 153, 153); overflow: auto; width: 200px; height: 300px; text-align: center; "> #link1 <br /> #link2 <br /> #link3 <br /> #link... </div>

  • Now save it and you're all done


  1. Text width: 200px; and height: 300px; is size of the box, you can change it according to your place or sidebar size .
  2. Change the text "#link1,#link2, #link3 dst" with your friends link list.

That's it problem fixed,now you can add as many as link you wish to add,it doesn't bother you again in future about the space of your blog.Hope you would find it helpful,for more such tutorials be with us in future days just by subscribing our rss feed.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. That was a great tutorial. It helped me fix a problem I was having!

    1. Am glad this tutorial helped you.keep visiting :)

  2. Blogroll can help you link with other sites. Great tips.

  3. I am an idiot, so here is my question: how do I add a blogroll list of my fav blogs on a separate page that tells when the blogs have last updated? Keep in mind I use Blogger. Help. This will replace my reader list when Blogger dumps it this July. Thanks.

  4. My blogroll is on a separate page in my blog, but will give this a try. I need to save space, haha!

  5. Blogrolls are very useful in building backlinks :))

  6. I have my blogroll to make it easier for me to visit my friends' blogs. I'll try this, my blogroll took so much space on my blog. :D