4 May 2013

Some Details About Doman

domain detailsNow in the age of Internet every day and night some websites are born in somewhere of this net.Even you may also have one,two or more. If you have a website  and want to earn some extra cash from your website or blog and if you want to makemoney in limited time then you must need a “Domain” but many of you may not know details about it,so here am going to share this with all of you.

What is Domain?

It’s basically represent the address of of your website/blog.By which it lets people to find your site in Internet.As an example we may refer this blog techtrickhome.com.How could user find this blog on the internet?Here comes the part of domain name,by which user can find this throughout the whole internet.As Domain names are always unique so there is no  chance of any mistake.
Domain have some parts just like the image below:

In http://www.techtrickhome.com “http//:” is protocall, “www.” is the hostname, “techtrickhome” is the blogname /domain name or you may call 2nd level domain,and “.com” is the domain extension

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What is Subdomain?

Make a domain by adding some extra word before your domain name.As an example http://www.blogger.techtrickhome.com is a subdomain of  http://www.techtrickhome.com .Likewise you can make some subdomains under your domain.A structure of subdomain will looks like http//:www.subdomainname.domainname.com

How Domain works?

When you type something into your browser’s addressbar domain works as follows,as an example we’re taking the address as http://www.techtrickhome.com

  •  Browser searches for the ip address of this sites.(every domain has an IP address and for nearly every web server, the IP address is invisibly translated into a natural English "domain name")
  •  Send request to SG  nameserver
  •  SG nameserver receives the request and connect with local nameserver/primary nameserver
  •  Local nameserver send the ip address which is and http://www.techtrickhome.com being appeared in your browser screen

Limitation of Domain

  • You can use 63 words highest as a domain name
  • You may use – ,wordsand numbers in your domain name
  • You may start your domain name with – and numbers
  • You can’t use symbols like ; ~!#$%^&*()) etc. in your domain name.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.Thanks for reading.

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  1. Buying a domain was one of the first things I invested on in my blog. :)

  2. Just this year I buy my two own domain name. And you're right it is because I want to monetize my site.

    1. Thanks for commenting,for more be with us. :)

  3. I also got my own domain for my blog and I'm really happy with it. It just makes the website much more credible :)

  4. Having my own domain had help me in having better stats and readership for my blog.

  5. i have to be honest but when i had the chance to buy my own domain, i wanted it to be my name so people will remember it. i really hope that it was helping me to gain a lot of page view. :)