24 June 2013

Protect Your Adsense Account from Clickbombing

Protect Your Adsense Account from Clickbombing
I heard the terms that "Google banned my adsense account  very often from my fellow bloggers.Yes if it happens with you this will not be good.The reason of  this banned caused by a term, named"clickbombing" or invalid click.We all know Adsense is the most high paying advertisment networks,so it is very strict as well.It' been really hard to get approved.After spending millions of sleepless night we get it approved and suddenly if it's banned due to some invalid clicks or 'clickbombing' then this is really aweful for any blogger.So,here we'll discuss briefly about this term as well as how to protect your adsense account from it.


AdSense click bombing is the malicious practice of generating high volume of clicks on AdSense ads on a competitor’s or opponent’s website or from bots and agents to obtain his banishment from Google AdSense program. The victim is then banned and his account closed due to invalid clicks.

Invalid clicks are clicks for which we decide not to charge our AdWords advertisers, since they may artificially drive up advertiser cost or publisher revenue. These include extraneous clicks without any value to the advertiser, such as the second click of a double-click. They also include many other types of clicks that we've determined aren't motivated by genuine user interest

Reason Of Clickbombing

  • Potential Customer Backs Out Quickly – If they click through the advertisement and back out before the page has even loaded, that’s probably not the best potential customer for an advertiser and they probably shouldn’t be charged for that lead.
  • Unusual Amount Of Clicks From Potential Customers – You may have a visitor looking to get off the site that ends up clicking here there and everywhere to exit the site.  If this person has an extraordinarily high amount of clicks for that visit, you may find the earnings discounted or the clicks removed completely.
  • Automated Clicks – It could be some sketchy traffic play the publisher is using or it could be (innocently) some automated crawl bot that’s clicking on the ads.  Either way, you’ll want Google to discount these clicks as they’re not really valuable to anyone.
  • Clickbombing – A manual or automated process that will go to your site and click through your advertisements at an extremely high rate.  This can be through the use of software, proxies, etc. or manually from a group of others looking to cause you harm.
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#1 and #2 above happen on a regular basis and is usually the cause for fluctuation in our earnings, but it’s #3 and #4 that you should be concerned about as publishers.  While there are some AdSense alternatives, protecting your account should be a priority for AdSense publishers and recognizing a clickbomb attack as it’s happening is one of the ways to do that.

Way to Check Clickbombing

  • You can use statcounter to check whether your adsense account is clickbombing or not
  • you can also take the help of below screenshot too

There are also some other way to check this going through your adsense account.

Protect Adsense Account From ClickBombing

If you found any Invalid click, fake Click they you must required reporting to Google Adsense that they will able to know that you are not a culprit.
Note: Before doing report you must know

  1. Am I following all rules and regulations of Google Adsense account?
  2. I did not violate any policy of the Google Adsense account.
If you are, right and following the all policies of Google Adsense account or you are going to report to Google on Click Bombing than you can contact from Invalid Clicks Contact Form. Fill the all details and submit it. Google will give a correct reason with n 2-3 days.
Most Important Note: when you faced a problem of Click Bombing then you must save this report because Google can ask any time for the reasons that in which date, time, and countries you faced a problem of click Bombing. So save your report from today.

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For wordpress user there are 3 plugins available  Ad Logger,Who Sees Ads Plugin,Clickbomb Defense

This blog also suffered from climbbombing on a certain time,so it may also happens to you.Better be safe.Happy blogging!!!

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  3. This is very helpful as you can get penalized for excessive clicking by others.

  4. Thanks a lot for this plugin :) i have been looking for this plugin for a while , it really helps protecting adsense accounts.

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  7. Man, it must really suck when you get banned from Adsense given that it's so hard to get approved. I've been trying for several months but I've always been denied :(