16 January 2014

Create a Bootable USB

Create a Bootable USBWhen it comes to boot your operating system you may find various tools to use like disc,usb or maybe something else in some cases.So it would be a great help if we could know how to make your usb device bootable,then we could boot our OS anytime whenever we want,means we don't have to run for the service centre we can do it by own.Isn't it a cool one?Here we would going to make it possible using a software named 'eZe bootable USB.You can easily get that software  just by googling on the web.'Then let's move onto the tutorial part.

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Steps to Follow

  • First turn on your pc or laptop and install the programme,obeviously after inserting an usb
  • Then you’ll able to see something like the below screenshot

  • Next you have to click the “advanced” button and do as same shown in the picture below.

  • Again do the same as shown in the picture below.click the “red marked ”button.

  • Wait untill the task being completed.After the task is complete,the application will close automatiucally and you’ll get a bootable usb

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That's it you just made a bootable USB.Now whenever you need to boot your system just restart your system and it'll start booting automatically.You'll just need to follow the instruction there you'll got your desired result.If you still have any problem regarding this ask through the below comment box.  
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  1. Oh this is what my uncle has been telling my sister to do.

  2. i had no idea this can be done. sure will come handy in case your computer experience technical problems. thanks for sharing!

  3. It sure would be handy to have a bootable usb for emergencies.

  4. oohh..given that I am not techy, i had no idea that you can do this and it is that easy. thank you for this. :)