21 July 2013

LiveFyre Comment System for Blogger

LiveFyre Comment System for BloggerDo you want to add something new and unique comment system for your blog?Then I think livefyre is a great option.So,Here I am going to explain how you can install Livefyre Comment system on your Blogger blogs. Recently I have discussed  several posts about Blogger default threaded  commenting system. And I have also shared tutorials on how you can install major third Party commenting system on your Blogger blogs such as  IntenseDebate comments for Blogger. So, if you really don’t want to keep your default Blogger comment box, Livefyre  is a great alternative to Blogger default commenting system.

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Reason Behind Choosing Livefyre

This comment system is just similar to the popular Disqus Comment System, Livefyre also permits  you to comment on blogs through your various social networking site profile like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. So this is a great choice to add social site enabled commenting platform on your blog to get more and more comments on your blog posts.This will also help you to improve the look of your blog's comment system as well.

Add Livefyre Comment System On Blogger

Since, Livefyre don't support Blogger officially,but not to worry, in the tutorial below, we'll discuss about how you can install Livefyre comments to Blogger blogs easily.Just follow the steps given below to add Livefyre comment system on blogger.

Step 1.->>Registering Account on Livefyre

  • Goto Livefyre website and create a free account  there. 

  • Once you have registered your account there don't forget to verify your identity through email verification going to your provided gmail id.

Step 2.->>Getting Livefyre Comment Code

  • Now you have to get  thecode for Livefyre comments box. This code should be pasted to your blog, so copy the entire code as it is.Check the below screenshot to know how to get Livefyre comment code for your blogger blog.

Step 3.->>Disable Blogger Default Comment System and Add Livefyre

To make Livefyre comment box active on your Blogger blog, you have to hide your Blogger default comment box. To hide that go through the following steps.

  • Log  onto Blogger Dashbaord >> Blog >> Settings>> Posts and Comments and click on Hide button from Comment Location drop down menu. Check the screenshot below for help.

  • Now you need  to add the code you got from livefyre site.For that go through the below steps.

Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard and then goto “Template”. Click the “Edit HTML” option and then Proceed. As a precautionary measure, be sure to back-up your template before you make any changes. Now search(ctrl+f) for the following code tag

<b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>

  • Now paste the copied code from livefyre above that code and press save.

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That's it.You're done.Hope you like this tutorial to install Livefyre commenting system on Blogger blogs. What’s you think about this Livefyre comment system? Share your view with us.

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  1. Does this work on wordpress too? :) What are its advantages of disqus or intense debate? :)

    1. yes it works on wordpress.There are several advantage using disqus and intense debate,to know details about intense debate you can go through this post Intense Debate Comment System

    2. Hi Michelle,

      I'm Meghan from Livefyre. Our Livefyre Community Comments system works on self-hosted WordPress blogs too, as well as Tumblr,Joomla, and Blogger if you follow Debarpan's instructions. We have a lot of information about the different features of Community Comments here on our site. If you have any questions about specific features feel free to give me a shout on Twitter @LivefyreMeg.

  2. Hello Debarpan,
    Awesome Comment System Will Use it on My Upcoming Blog :D

  3. I would love to try this one. thanks to you! :))

  4. I'm still using the default comment box on Blogger, haha. :)

  5. I think Livefyre is one of the more popular commenting platform.

  6. I can't seem to find the code tag you mention so I can insert the code from Livefyre. :-/ (and yes, I used ctrl f to search)

    Any suggestions? I'd really like Livefyre.