29 August 2013

Add Scroll Back to Top Button on Blogger

Add Scroll Back to Top Button on Blogger
If your blog’s homepage have lots of post to show on homepage or any level page or may you have written a very long post then you just need this button on your blog. Your blog visitor  can go straight to top of your blog page by one click through this button. So it is very nice. Users can scroll the page from down to up but you know every one wants to do their work by one click. So this button is very useful to make your blog user friendly and you can see lots of blogs are already using this widget.The whole process is very simple. You can choose the button picture as your choice. If you search for back to top button in Google Image search then you will be able to see thousands of button picture there. You can choose any image as a button. So,just follow the steps below if you want to add the button in your blogger blog.

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Add This on Blogger

  • Log onto Blogger Dashboard> Layout
  • Choose HTML/JavaScript widget
  • Paste the following code inside it

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" > /*********************************************** ***********************************************/ var scrolltotop={ //startline: Integer. Number of pixels from top of doc scrollbar is scrolled before showing control //scrollto: Keyword (Integer, or "Scroll_to_Element_ID"). How far to scroll document up when control is clicked on (0=top). setting: {startline:100, scrollto: 0, scrollduration:1000, fadeduration:[500, 100]}, controlHTML: '<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-2rZeDVpenHM/T860SMKImAI/AAAAAAAAAv8/canD9JoxLec/s128/005017-blue-white-pearl-icon-arrows-arrow2-upload.png" />', //HTML for control, which is auto wrapped in DIV w/ ID="topcontrol" controlattrs: {offsetx:5, offsety:5}, //offset of control relative to left/ bottom of window corner anchorkeyword: '#top', //Enter href value of HTML anchors on the page that should also act as "Scroll Up" links state: {isvisible:false, shouldvisible:false}, scrollup:function(){ if (!this.cssfixedsupport) //if control is positioned using JavaScript this.$control.css({opacity:0}) //hide control immediately after clicking it var dest=isNaN(this.setting.scrollto)? this.setting.scrollto : parseInt(this.setting.scrollto) if (typeof dest=="string" && jQuery('#'+dest).length==1) //check element set by string exists dest=jQuery('#'+dest).offset().top else dest=0 this.$body.animate({scrollTop: dest}, this.setting.scrollduration); }, keepfixed:function(){ var $window=jQuery(window) var controlx=$window.scrollLeft() + $window.width() - this.$control.width() - this.controlattrs.offsetx var controly=$window.scrollTop() + $window.height() - this.$control.height() - this.controlattrs.offsety this.$control.css({left:controlx+'px', top:controly+'px'}) }, togglecontrol:function(){ var scrolltop=jQuery(window).scrollTop() if (!this.cssfixedsupport) this.keepfixed() this.state.shouldvisible=(scrolltop>=this.setting.startline)? true : false if (this.state.shouldvisible && !this.state.isvisible){ this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:1}, this.setting.fadeduration[0]) this.state.isvisible=true } else if (this.state.shouldvisible==false && this.state.isvisible){ this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:0}, this.setting.fadeduration[1]) this.state.isvisible=false } }, init:function(){ jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var mainobj=scrolltotop var iebrws=document.all mainobj.cssfixedsupport=!iebrws || iebrws && document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat" && window.XMLHttpRequest //not IE or IE7+ browsers in standards mode mainobj.$body=(window.opera)? (document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat"? $('html') : $('body')) : $('html,body') mainobj.$control=$('<div id="topcontrol">'+mainobj.controlHTML+'</div>') .css({position:mainobj.cssfixedsupport? 'fixed' : 'absolute', bottom:mainobj.controlattrs.offsety, left:mainobj.controlattrs.offsetx, opacity:0, cursor:'pointer'}) .attr({title:'Scroll Back to Top'}) .click(function(){mainobj.scrollup(); return false}) .appendTo('body') if (document.all && !window.XMLHttpRequest && mainobj.$control.text()!='') //loose check for IE6 and below, plus whether control contains any text mainobj.$control.css({width:mainobj.$control.width()}) //IE6- seems to require an explicit width on a DIV containing text mainobj.togglecontrol() $('a[href="' + mainobj.anchorkeyword +'"]').click(function(){ mainobj.scrollup() return false }) $(window).bind('scroll resize', function(e){ mainobj.togglecontrol() }) }) } } scrolltotop.init() </script>

  • Now save it and and drag it near the footer or any bottom position..That'it.you're all done


If you want to change image of button so change the link in blue on above script.

Now just take a look of your newly added widget and test it's function,whether it's working fine or not.Hope you all like it. If you do have any query about this feel free to ask using the comment box below. Please do a favour by sharing it with your friends.Thanks for visiting.
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