18 August 2013

Adsense Giving Reasons Behind Getting Banned


Adsense Giving Reasons Behind Getting BannedGoogle adsense is the most high paying ads network for the publishers in the web.So every blogger try adsnse to make money,but there is a big cons out there on adsense.They whenever banned any existed adsense account doesn't provide any reasons behind there.So previously it was a big disadvantage of this great advertisement platform.To overcome it adsense going to launch a new service for adsense account holder,where they will not only provide reasons behind getting banned but also will inform if publisher violating their policy as a warning through email and within the adsense console notification as well.

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Google Said-

Going forward, if our system detects a policy violation, you’ll receive both an email and an account notification with a link to view more details. Under the Policy violations section on the home tab, you can quickly access important information including details on each violation, the issue ID and an example of the violation on your site. The page will also include details on the action you need to take to resolve the violation.

Privacy Violation Alert

Whenever adsense will show any privacy violation onto your adsense account they will immediately provide an alert notification onto your adsense account saying that-your site is violating adsense policy so adsense just disabled ads on their.you can check the below screenshot for live demo

Clicking onto view details option there you will redirected to the adsense page where they will provide you details information about the policy violation,just like the below screenshot.

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Google has been listening for the past several years they don't provide any reasons behind suspending any existed adsense account,so finally they bough this awesome features for their publishers.Which is really a big help for publishers like us.Before suspending your account they will warn you first along with some suitable reasons and they will take the actions.So be alert and wish you never get this kind of alert and get banned from Google Adsesne.

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  1. Adsense is a bit more complex to analyze but it does pay when you understand the dynamics.

  2. I've been using adsense a little over a month now, and it really is complicated.

  3. Those with Adsense on their blogs will now have a better understanding of how things work.

  4. Now I have a better idea about Adsense. Thanks!