7 August 2013

Adsense vsYahoo and Bing Ads Network

Adsense vsYahoo and Bing Ads Network Every blogger love to make some money from their sites and for that they need advertisement and advertiser for their blog.So here we're going to share about another new advertisement platform for your blog,Yahoo and Bing search engines recently being partnered with media.net to release a new ad network. The Adsense,advertisement network provided by the search engine giant google itself covers the largest advertiser all over the world no other ad network can stand against it but In September 2012 yahoo and bing jointly launched new ad network called Yahoo Bing Contextual Ad Network with a partnership with media.net. The purpose of this ad network is to fight against the Adsense and give it a tough competition. So,here we do have points to explain its advantage and disadvantage over Adsense

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Why Adsense is Better

  • Yahoo offers low CPC- If we talk about CPC alone, always remember the point in mind that Adsense network covers the largest Advertisers online and it offers maximum CPC to blogger that other ad networks can't ever afford that's the reason why it is the only shines star in advertisement of inthis online market.The Average CPC offered by Adsense varies from 1$-4$, which is undoubtedly great.
  • Activation procedure- Signup process for Adsense is very easy, if you are not an Asian blogger then your application would beeasily accepted whereas In Yahoo-bing ad network the blog content should be of very high quality and it takes around 15 days in completion of signup process which needs some patience.
  • Approval Process-Once your Adsense account got approved you are allowed to place ad code on severalblog or site whereas with Yahoo ad, your every blog has to pass through signup process that's why there is a chance that some of your blog may get disapproved by Yahoo. 

Positive Points of Yahoo-Bing Ads Network

  • Adsense has old look- The Adsense ad unit are quiet popular and they can be found on millions of blogs that's why these ad units are often ignored by readers. On the other hand Yahoo-bing ad units are totally new in this market and they have better customization options and look so readers always get interested to see this ads.
  • Adsense is very strict- Adsense has very bad habit to disable an active account without any notice, most bloggers losses thousand of dollars due to this. But it is not the case in Yahoo network, once your blog/site accepted into the program it won't take any action against your account without notice.Though sometimes it happens sadly.
  • No Customer Service- Adsense has no customer support and only automatic Adsense tool take decision about your Adsense account. Whereas Yahoo ad network offers a very good customer support for their publisher and it provide you a person who closely maintain relation with you to fix your ad related query. And if any further help you need to improve your blog earning, you can also contact this person via telephone.
  • Payment option- If we talk about payment, the minimum threshold is same as 100$ in both of the network. As Adsense provide money via cheque only but Yahoo provide paypal and wire transfer to receive money.
  • Number of Ad unit- Adsense allows you to place only 3 ad units per page but Yahoo ad network offers you to place more than 3 ad unit on a single page.

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Hope you now got the comparison very well between these two major advertisement platforms.If you do have any other point then don't forget to share with us.
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  1. No AdSense for me! Haha! After they denied my first application (my blog was barely two months old back then haha), I chose not to apply again. Lol.

    1. Then you can give a try to yahoo-bing ads network.

  2. I've tried applying for AdSense twice but I was declined and I never opt to apply for the third time. I prefer Media.net :)

  3. I'm not a fan of adsense to so it's worth seeing what yahoo has to offer.

  4. Nice article ty blogger.