14 August 2013

Make Your Readers to Read More Posts


Attract Readers to Read More Posts on Your BlogYou have a blog with huge amount of visitors but also having a well bounce rate.Don't you know what's called bounced rate?It is if your reader land on a page then after reading that just leave your blog without looking for any further post of your blog,that's called bounce rate.If you have that high bounce rate you can even loose your SERP(search engine rank position).So if you are facing such things and can't identify how to fix this,then here we are with our exclusive tips only for you.

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Strategy to Follow

  • Related Post Widgets-Only one widget of your blog can really provide you some awesome improvation in this context.Just adding a Related Post Widget on your blog will surely help you a lot.This must decrase your bouncing rate.
  • Link Back to other Post-Linking back to your other post using hyperlink is always a great way to make your reader reading more post from your blog.As much as linked the rate of reader's landing duration will be higher,but it doesn't mean you should flodded your blog post with hundreds of such trackback links.
  • Writing skill and Style-If you do have an unique writing skill and style then you can easily attract your readers towards your blog.If they once started liking your style they'll love to spend more time on your blog by reading other posts of your blog
  • Design-If your blog do have an awesome eye-catching design then you can easily attract your visitors towards your blog as well as your blog post.So you should take some extra time to make a good looking and elegant design for your blog or also go for any custom template.Reader alwys love to spend time on those blog which have a cool design

  • Publication Assistance-If readers get some help from your content they will definitely sign-up to your e-newsletter assistance. Newsletter assistance is a way which allows your members  to know about your latest content through e-mail. It will help you to get some guests in your new content. Moreover, it creates a weblog looking more expert and professional.Almost every publication assistance is compensated solutions. So if you have enough cash to buy with it then get it. You can try Getresponse or Mailchimp.  You can also use Feedburner as 100 % free e-newsletter assistance just like us.

If you do find it helpful then before leaving our blog please read some other interesting article on our blog.Thanks for landing here.

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  1. There are great tips.

    How do you link backs and related posts connections?

    1. Thanks,just use anchor text within your recent posts body to link back your old posts.

  2. These tips really helps. I think I complied with some but will try to improve more :) Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. This could help reduce your bounce rate and keep people in your site longer.

  4. Great tips, Debarpan!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thank you for the tips. I will try to improve my blog and apply all your tips.

  6. These are very useful tips in making sure that readers will stay a while longer to explore blogs.