20 August 2013

Top Five Tools to Get Higher Position on Google

Top Five Tools to Get Higher Position on Google

If you want to get your site to the top of the search rankings, it is important to have good SEO skills.  A good looking page with quality professional  theme is good, but it requires specific content to help people find your website through Google and other search engines.  SEO is reasonably straightforward, but it can be time consuming to implement.  Without it, you will have a great website without any visitors.  In order to help save time and work more efficiently, there are several pieces of software that can make life simpler for the SEO professional while not breaking the bank.
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Keyword research is extremely important in determining exactly how to optimize your site.  This website allows you to do keyword research by showing top competitors in Pay Per Click for that keyword, as well as the advertising trend for that keyword.  It also allows you to see the ad copy for a given term from other websites so you can get ideas on how other people are using the term in attempting to drive traffic to their site.  This can give you insight into your own PPC campaign and give you ideas on how to improve it and make it better.

cognitive SEO

This website allows you to view the backlinks for a given website by visually showing them on a chart.  It also includes deep links, trustworthiness, and other factors in showing overall quality of backlinks.  It also has a visual link explorer that allows you to view your backlinks as a web cluster, viewing where traffic is flowing from and seeing exactly who is linking to your site as well as your competitors.  This can give you insight into where potential backlink opportunities exist, as well as give you some insight into your own low-quality backlinks, which should likely be removed.

Broken Link Finder

This tool allows you to find opportunities to target when employing a broken link backlink strategy.  With this strategy, you contact webmasters about broken links that exist on their website, and for your helpful information, they place a link to your website on that link.  This is effective, but can also be time consuming.  With this tool, members can find broken links quickly and send off emails to the webmaster right away, saving plenty of hours of manual searching.  This is a great way to develop backlinks from high quality pages, improving your own site’s PageRank and giving it more exposure.


Google and other search engines are pushing for localization, meaning they want to find results that are tailored to a user’s location in order to give them the best results possible for their given area.  Whitespark allows a user to examine keyword opportunities based on their given location.  These long tail keywords are extremely valuable in finding users looking for very specific services, a service that your website may provide.  If you are in a fixed location or offer services in only one city, this keyword tool can really help drive focused traffic to your website.

Link Detox

The recent Penguin and Panda updates have given rise to Google penalties, whereby someone who has bad backlinks is penalized for such links.Link Detox can point out suspicious or toxic backlinks in order to better identify where a Google penalty may come from.  It also gives the reason why it suspects this site is bad, and shows whether the link if follow or no-follow as well as the anchor text for a given backlink. This way, a person can go through and remove the links or disavow them through Google.

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So these are the top five tools to get your blog on the top of google search result,if you do know some other tools you already used  which should be included in this list then do inform us through the below comment box.

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