7 January 2014

Watch Locked Profile Picture on Facebook

Watch Locked Profile Picture on FacebookFacebook is the most popular social networking site in the current world.Those who use web are well known about this site.Daily millions of users open this site for various purpose.So profile picture is the most important feature provide by facebook to any of it's user account,as it represents the persons behind the id actually.So before sending or accepting  friend requests from any user we need to look into the profile picture first then will take any further action.So what if that person set the profile picture locked for strangers?You can look well onto that picture and may not wish to accept or send any friend request whether you know him/her well or not.So here today we're going to discuss about the way of how to look onto those locked profile picture to enlarge it.

How to View Private Profile Pictures?

  • First open your facebook profile
  • Next open any profile whose profile picture is locked and you want its profile pic to be enlarged.
  • Then just right click on the profile pic and choose the option of open in new tab and you'll be able to see the url similar to this  https://m.ak.fbcdn.net/profile.ak/hprofile-ak-frc1/c35.35.442.442/s160x160/1006115_1375167116030871_91205668_n.jpg

  • Now you just  remove '/s160x160' part from that url and press enter.
That's it,now you can see the enlarge profile picture of that user.You can also take a look onto the video tutorial as well.

Hope you'd like this post.If you're still facing problem to do this or having any difficulty regarding this ask us for help through the below comment section.
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