6 September 2013

AdClickMedia-New Adsense Alternative

AdClickMedia-New Adsense AlternativeGenerally we all bloggers prefer to earn some extra bucks from our blog rather than only blogging as a hobby.Basically niche marketing blogs are mostly poreferred that thing.So first weall gofor the famous Google Adsense,the most high paying advertisement platform for publishers,belong to the search engine giant google itself.However if we can't get approved from them or even if after approved we got banned then we went to try some adsense alternatives. as well.In this era of online marketing there is no lack of advertisent networks for publishers like us,bloggers.Adclickmedia is one of such  advertisement network,which is getting popularity these days.So,we can easily try this on our blog.

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AdClickMedia is a ppc ad network that is designed to be simple, affordable, customizable with immediate results. It is a part of Multiple Stream Media that was started in 1998, from a single bedroom apartment in New York City to the online marketing company that has now risen to a million dollar business. The person behind this phenomenon, Abe Cherian, understood the reach and market of the internet, harnessing it to help small business owners with their online marketing needs to gather traffic. The Multiple Stream Media also owns ventures like Hits4you.com, rent-a-life.com and businessWorldList.com.

Advantages of Using AdClickMedia

AdClickMedia Publisher Network is open to publishers of all sizes, so even if you’re just a newbie blogger,getting started into your blogging carrier, you are even allowed to give them a try. With AdClickMedia you can monetize from your websites, blogs, personal pages, and social networking sites instantly. The network is indeed easy to understand and as a web publisher you can get started in minutes by add a simple piece of code on your blog. Once you add the code into your blog the network started serving relevant ads on your web pages and across your website based on your content. You get paid for each click that you provide to the advertisers. 

Types of Ads

  • Photo Text Ads:
These are large text based ad banners and are the most commonly used ad units by publishers. Some of these also contain a small thumbnail image.
  • Interstitial Ads:
These are full page interstitial ads and appear “between” pages when your blog visitor navigates around the website. These type of ad units are very unique but very impactful and profitable for publishers.
  • Banner Ads:
Banner Ads are the most common type of ad units and are very impactful, you can place banners on selective web pages or across the website.


As a publisher you can get upto 50% of the revenue that is generated by the ads being clicked, you can also get an additional 10 % for each click that is generated via referrals. So in all you have the potential of making about 60% of the money from the ads.
The payments are made via paypal every 15 days assuming that you meet the minimum threshold level of $50 for the payments to be released. In case you don’t reach the minimum balance in a particular month, your balance rolls over to the next month. The minimum CPC is $0.05 but with the site gaining popularity it will increase in the coming months.

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AdClickMedia gonna be a biggest adsense alternatives in future days.As per their large advertisement network as well as innovative business ideas and many more things.If your blog still doesn't started earning money then you may give it a try.We bet you don't get disappointed.If you already tried this then don't forget to share your experience about AdClickMedia with us.

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  1. I've been always denied with AdSense -______- Will definitely try this one out as alternative! :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adsense was really tiring. I'm willing to try this since I've been blocked by adsense

  3. This may even be a better watt to earn compared to google adsense.

  4. great post there, i believe you had opened an alternative solutions for all the bloggers.

  5. i am a new blogger am also try this