16 September 2013

Auto Share Blogger Posts on Google Plus

How to Auto Share Blogger Posts on Google Plus

Blogger the free blogging platform provided by google has continued their development on this free blogging platform.After introducing several features like google plus comment system,new template html editor they again launched another feature for it's user,Auto Share Blogger Posts on Google Plus.So you don't need to use any type third party application to share your blog posts onto google plus.It'll automatically share your blog posts on google plus.So here we're going to tell how to autoshare blogger blog posts onto google plus.

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How to Auto Share Blogger Posts

  • At first you have to do is to connect your Blogger account with your Google+ profile cause without having a connection you will not be able to get this feature. On the right top corner of your Blogger dashboard, click the Wrench button and then select “Revert to Google+ Profile”. Once done, you will become able to use the autoshare features offered by Google+ to its blogger users.

  • After connecting your profile to Google+, select any blog and move over to the “Google+” Tab and tick the "Automatically share after posting" Box.

Congratz you just done that.Now just post something onto your blog and test the feature.How's it actually working.

As we all know google is trying best to make google+ as the no. 1 social networking sites,so it is just another try of google developer team to make google plus popular by engaging the reader.So let's see whether they will be able to get the no.1 position as a social networking sites or not and how more feature yet to come from the developers team.Leave your view onto the comment section.
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  1. Nice additional feature. Convenience for the part of the blogger. Is this available for blogger platform only?

  2. i've leran a lot frpm your post. thanks! :))