25 September 2013

Host Javascript File on Google Code

Host Javascript File on Google Code
Being a web designer you do need to javascript files several times onto various purpose while tweak the site template.
Blogger depends on cloud technology.It doesn't offers user to host any .js file or any other such kinda file on it's own server,so we have to use some other servers for hosting this kind of file.Many bloggers use google code for this purpose.So here we'll provide the whole tricks for you.

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Google Code

Google Code is a platform mainly setup for web Developers and any kind of webdeveloping purposes.. It is the  home of developers where they can upload their APIs and other technical stuff easily. This sites of Google provides a several options with plenty of varieties, which helps a developer to develop a better application according to his/her desire. The perks of using Google code are priceless cause it is the only sites available on the web which provides you Free Hosting with unlimited bandwidth. So peoples consider it as the magical portion for a hardworking developer.

Host JavaScript Files on Google Code

  • At first you have to login into your Gmail or Google account. After logging into your account, go to code.google.com and press “Create a new project” button present right at the bottom section of your screen.

  • Then fill the required fields project name, project summary, description, select license type and fill the labels and after all hit on create button

  • Next click on downloads and  now you can upload and host your javascript files simply clicking on the new download button there

  • You may also see a window like in the below screenshot, just add a name, description of the file type you are going to upload then choose the file, fill the required labels from drop down menu and hit the submit button.

  • Now we can access and copy the permalink to the file by clicking the right button after moving the cursor to the download button.

Now it's done.we can use this script now or sell it as well.We hope this tutorial will help you to understand how you can host your files on Google code  and how it works. You may not need this guide at present but it near future if you wish to host your sites javascript files or may choose to make a web developing tutorial provider like this site then you can always make use of it.Don't forget to share your view about this post through the below comment box.Your comments will be highly appreciated.Thank you. 
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