24 September 2013

How to Get Better Alexa Rank

Better Alexa Rank
As you all know Alexa is  one of the best web information program available for web masters in this online world.Having a good alexa rank is always take preference on the eyes of advertiser to publish advertisement onto your blog.So it's a much needed thing for any webmaster who do love to attract advertiser onto their blog.We already mentioned earlier about alexa rank and alexa widget.Now here in this post we are going to  discuss some other things on how could we get better Alexa rank in some easy steps.

 Must Read Alexa Ranking and Alexa Ranking Widget

Verify Website Ownership on Alexa

There are millions of blog/sites are out there in the world this is the main reason why Alexa doesn't take every website important. Alexa only crawl and list those websites which either has a good traffic or which are verified so its most important to first get your website verified at Alexa.To Verify your website first Register your account in alexa or if you have Facebook account simply integrate your facebook account with Alexa.After logging into your verified account onto alexa by simply going to http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/claim and then just enter your site url and claim your site.To claim your site you have to upload a file onto your server or html code to verify that you are the owner of that site and that's it.Now your website got verified with Alexa.com,congratz!!!Now move onto the next part

Create Website Toolbar on Alexa

This is one of the oldest yet popular trick to increase Alexa Rank.It do have a great importance.Creating a toolbar for your website with Alexa will improve your ranking quite handsomely.So now you need to go for this.To create a Alexa toolbar go to http://www.alexa.com/toolbar-creator  and convince your visitors to use it and explain them about its importance.

Install Alexa Add-on Browser

Its very important for a publisher to use Alexa add-on while he/she is browsing his site and to visit his Alexa ranking page by using the  Alexa add-on.This will also help to increase Alexa Traffic Alot.

Ask User to Give Review on Alexa

You can also ask your visitors to gave a good review about your website at Alexa.This will definitely boost your Alexa Ranking as well.You can even provide alexa review widget into your blog to reduce your alexa reviewer's work.You can simply get that widget  from here http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/reviews

Place Alexa Ranking Widget

You must place Alexa rank widget onto your blog which is the most recommended trick by the popular publishers whenever some one  visit your site and he or she will click on the Alexa widget it will be redirect to your Websites Ranking Page directly.You can create your Alexa Widget from here http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/tools

Talk About Alexa

Write  post about Alexa Tell your users about its advantages,telling your users about its important and teaching them how to improve alexa ranking.Discussing about alexa onto your blog will surely help to boost your alexa ranking pretty much.

Get a Top Level Domain

According to our experience top level domains are more Alexa friendly than sub-domains like blogspot.com, wordpress.com,tumblir.com anything else. Reason behind this are the friendliness of those domains to search engines. Therefore if you don't yet have one then get one and see the improvement. Also if you want to know how select a good domain read this article.

Submit Articles on Article Directory

To have a good Alexa rank you must need a well set of backlinks. By submitting the articles into directories you can have a good set of backlinks.

Get Backlink

At the same time if you can get some "dofollow" backlinks from your friends it will also help you a lot to increase your Alexa rank. It is better if you can get them from same niche.

Hope you enjoyed this article.If yes then please provide a review of TechTrickHome on Alexa.Thank you.
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