28 September 2013

Importance of Alexa Ranking

Alexa RankAlexa is an online company that is a subsidiary of Amazon. It’s chief goal is to examine and provide web traffic data to those who wish to procure it.  During the process of all this data gathering Alexa is also able to gauge the exact popularity of every single website on the world wide web.In the eyes of most website publishers on the world wide web, the most trusted gauge for the popularity of any given website online is that site’s Alexa ranking


Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. It was a tribute given by the company to the Library of Alexandria. Alexa is an Amazon.com company which provides the Alexa ranking toolbar plug in. Alexa ranks the website traffic history and is a very powerful. It gathers the traffic information from Alexa toolbar and it also views different traffic methods. It’s exclusively based on page views, number of users, and three months of history. Many other features were added when the Alexa website www.alexa.com underwent a major re-design. The new features were introduced in order to compete with other services, such as Compete.com and Quantcast.

Importance of Alexa Ranking

There are several factors which decides how much your blog worth is like domain name, domain age, google page rank, blog income, etc. Alexa traffic rank is one of those factors. Alexa ranking is very crucial for blog owners who want to monetize their blogs.

  • Extra Visibility 
At the end of 2003, The company.com's outcomes were being carefully connected into the outcomes of its mother or father company, Amazon.com. This currently means that when someone opinions your site, it is connected to their amazon information, which can be utilized when people surfing around for books look to see what evaluators like them suggest. In the future, it could mean that amazon.com will incorporate your site in other ways, such as displaying a list of sites relevant to well-known subjects such as promotion.

  • Connection with Google
Alexa ranking is relatively connected to google search results.Though it effect very less into your search engine ranking position.After taking a research we can say now that good alexa ranking sites take comparatively little higher position than poor alexa ranking sites.Actually google and alexa are interelated in this matter of search engine rank position.

  • Compete with Fellow Blogs

Having a good alexa rank of your blog is a nice way to compete with your fellow blogs by showing a better performance of your site.Now many bloggers are showing their interest on alexa to improve their blog performances.So it's always better for you to give importance to alexa rank before your competitor do so

  • Attract Advertiser 
Advertisers always love to serve ads on a good alexa ranking blog.Sohaving good alexa ranking onto your blog is definitely a nice way to monetize your blog by attracting your advertiser

  • Engage Customers
If you do have a product review blog and then your customers would always love to hear from a well alexa ranked blog and may also show interest to buy product from you too.So that's another major importance of alexa rank.

We guess after reading this article your interest about alexa ranking is certainly improved a lot.So having a good alexa rank will not only increase your total amount of traffic but also it can help your blog many way.So it's better to take importance of alexa and give your blog a better performance.

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