29 September 2013

Some Details of Alexa

Some Details of Alexa
If you've entered in the world of online marketing and do have a blog or website you must heard about the term called alexa.It is one of the most discussed term among every webmasters.It do have some importance to make a good blog.Alexa is owned by Amazon.com. Alexa rank every websites and blogs according to traffic they received and some other factors. Alexa traffic rank updates daily. Lesser rank is better.

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Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is traffic rank of a site. The traffic rank is based on 3 months of historical traffic data collected from the users of Alexa Toolbar. Also combined with different traffic data source and page views. Alexa also counts the number of visitors and number of page views of all the sites for Alexa traffic rank.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the data generated by this two sources. The change is determined by comparing the site’s current rank with its rank from 3 Months ago.

Alexa Toolobar

For those people, who are new to Alexa Toolbar. It is a toolbar which sends your browsing details to Alexa. But, it can be an essential tool for you in checking a websites Alexa Rankings instantly as well as increasing your site’s Alexa rankings.
You can download Alexa Toolbar from here.

How Alexa Ranking Measured

Ranking system of alexa is not pretty fair system to rank websites or blogs. Do you got the question “WHY”? You may be surprised after knowing how alexa rank is measured?

Cause websites and blogs are only ranked amongst visitors who have this alexa toolbar installed on their browser. So alexa ranks website and blogs by amount of hits they receive from users with this toolbar installed.So if your site gets 20,000 UVs per day and only 10% of them would be using Alexa toolbar then Alexa will get data of only 2000 visitors. The remaining visitors probably won’t be counted or they would get data of them from different sources.

Hope you now got a detail idea about alexa and alexa ranking.So don't forget to share your view about this post through the comment box below.For more such upcoming posts stay with us by subcribing our rss feed.
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