17 October 2013

Google Adwords Sign Up Process


adwords sign upGoogle adwords is the opposite programme to google adsense,this is made for advertiser who would love to advertise on google publishers blog/website.This is a great worldwide programme to boost your product,blog traffic or to promote anything with the help of google.Advertising with google is most safe and effective way we all know because of google's reputation all over the web.So many people love to advertise with google to get an effective result.

So to get started with this programme of google to promote first go to Google AdWords site and click "Sign Up Now" button and follow the below guide.

Create Google AdWords Account 

Now, the links goes to the next page where you have to create your adwords account. There are two options available to you to open adwords account. 
  • If you have already gmail account then you can enter your username and password and straight away you start using adwords account. (See Picture : One)
  • If you don't wish to use existing e-mail account for creating adwords, then you can create separate account for this purpose. (See Picture : Two)

How to Sign Up for Google AdWords Account - Picture One

Picture One

How to Sign Up for Google AdWords Account - Picture Two

Picture Two

Set Time Zone and Currency in Your Country

Google needs two more things to set up your AdWords account. First, currency you're using to pay for advertising on Google. Two, the time zone you'd like to get reports. So for that you must specify currency preference and also set up the time zone. (See below picture for details information)

Verify Your Google AdWords email account

After completing the above two steps successfully. Now you have to verify your Google AdWords Account. This is the last step before creating your first Ad Campaign on Google AdWords Advertising Program. (See the below picture for  details)

That's it,you're all done.Now start promotion with adwords by creating effective ad campaig on adwords.If you love our article please subscribe our rss feed to stay updated.We love to hear from you.Thanks.
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