5 October 2013

Google Author Rank

Google Author RankThe search engine giant google continuously working on seo and trying their best to supply quality content on search engine result for their user.They already used several algorithm like google panda,penguin,sandbox to provide better result to quality article websites and protect web spam.They also introduced several parameter to measure any blog like google pagerank.Now they're introducing another new parameter to measure blog and websites,it's called Google Author Rank.The term may be quite unfamiliar to some of the webmasters whether some have already heard about it and yet started working on it to give their blog a better seo.This is quite similar to google pagerank and will work in similar way to google page rank.This will work to rank contents and to return better search results to google users.In near future this author rank is going to rule google search engine results.

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Author Rank

As said earlier author rank is quite similar to pagerank.Pagerank used to measure the quality of any blog/website page.Similarly author rank will measure the reputation of any blog author,Author reputation as a content creator will going to measure it's blog quality.As previously there was no google plus,so google dosen't have any solid way to measure author reputation but launching of google plus solved the way.Now google is going to use google plus profile of any blog author to measure the author rank.So your google plus profile reputation will going to take full credit to measure this author rank.


Though this author rank is not an algorithm of google or it's not replacing something but still it have a great effectiveness for any blog.As this will going to become a major parameter to measure any blog.If you have a well author rank then your blog must have a good search engine ranking positon and vice versa.So this will help reputated blogger to establish their blog well.

Author Rank Measure Parameter

We can venture to state that Google's ranking apparatus is already in place. Authors will no doubt be ranked according to: 
  • The number of people in their Google+ circles and the strength of their followers' online presence 
  • Social media activity such as +1s, likes, shares and tweets 
  • The quantity and quality of comments and two-way engagement with their audience 
  • The strength of the online presence of those making comments and interacting 
  • The quality, consistency and volume of inbound links to the author's content 
  • The authority of the website and domain on which the author's content appears (this is where the Author Rank and PageRank metrics will combine as an indicator of quality)
  • Number of subscribers, activity on videos, engagement on YouTube etc.
  • We wouldn't be surprised to see Google issuing some kind of 'top author' accreditation at some point in the future or a showcase feed.
Nobody outside Google can foresee exactly how Author Rank will impact upon content marketing and SEO when it is rolled out. But we obviously need to be prepared for significant change. It seems that soon, securing the right authors for content creation and developing our own Author Rank will be more important than relying solely on PageRank, bringing a more human dimension to content marketing and SEO.

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Online authors who haven't already begun to do so should get working on their profiles in anticipation of Author Rank. 

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  1. This is an interesting new development from Google. When will this roll out? I wonder how it will affect my blog.. :)

  2. The author rank would really help sites boost stats and credibility.