15 October 2013

Google Humming Bird Algorithm Update

Google's Humming Bird Update
Google has updated its core algorithm that controls the answers we get to queries on its search engine in a bid to make them work better for longer,more complex questions.The update, code-named Hummingbird, is the biggest change to the underpinnings of the world’s leading search engine since early 2010, when Google upgraded its algorithm to one it called Caffeine. Google made the change about a month ago, it announced at a press event in the garage of the Menlo Park (Calif.) house where Google started. The event also celebrated the 15th anniversary of Google’s founding, Most people won’t notice an overt difference to search results,but with more people making more complex queries, especially as they can increasingly speak their searches into their smartphones, there’s a need for new mathematical formulas to handle them.This update to the algorithm focuses more on ranking sites for better relevance by tapping further into the company’s Knowledge Graph, its encyclopedia of 570 million concepts and relationships among them.

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Google Hummingbird

So Hummingbird is just a name for Google’s new search algorithm just like Penguin and Panda. Google says this new algorithm is “fast and precise.” They also added this update will help a lot in “Conversational search.” It’s targeted for people speaking for search terms.So this is just a new algothm from google mainly aiming to improve search results for mobile sites and voice search.They just implemented this algorithm on google's 15th birthday to make there search quary bot more advance and to provide quality search result to it's user.

Google is well known to roll out updates on the search style and algorithm. This time, they got something much more powerful and intelligent. Google Hummingbird is the latest semantic search algorithm update which is going to revolutionize the way and world of search for sure. Things will not be like old times now. Google is implementing new ways to make the search more brilliant, accurate and powerful. They are trying to move search past simple keywords & links to determine what to show in its search results. So, the search result pages won’t be just text and links any more. Graphics, charts and super cool interface will be added on the Google search results.

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  1. Wow...thanks for the info. good to know that google search results will be more interesting to read.

  2. useful information :)

    Love, Leonita

  3. It's good that google is taking steps to fine tune their search engines. Maybe this is due to the graph search of facebook.