10 October 2013

Google Pagerank Vs Mozrank


Pagerank Vs MozrankWith the recent changes of google algorithm webmasters are getting confused about how google is currently measuring any site?Which parameter are they using to measure any website quality?Is it google pagerank or something else?So here we're going to provide a details discussion on it.
As per we know google page rank was the most popular way to measure any website quality previously but now this is loosing it's importance.Google almost stopped updating their pagerank and it's getting harder to retrieve pagerank of any website from google pagerank toolbar.So now it's time to give importance to moz rank,which is another most effective tool to measure any website quality.Moz rank is designed by moz,which is an accurate site ranking tool system.

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MozRank by Moz

Pages hold mozRank score on the basis of both quantity and quality of other pages that link to them. The higher these two aspects, the higher the mozRank, i.e. websites with many backlinks linking to your page gives high mR value. Its scale ranges from 0.00 (no value) to 9.99 (highest value). However, a measurement of 3 is considerably average score of a normal page on the internet. The mR score can easily progress from 3 to 4 in comparison with the score from 8 to 9. The mR measures both internal and external link juice, where the latter targets the links located on a separate domain. This is a significant metric for predicting search engine rankings.

PageRank by Google

Google PageRankUsed by the Google web search engine, the PR tool measures the amount of links a page is inbound with, to determine the relative reputation and popularity of site. A page that is linked to by many other pages, with high PR, receives a high rank itself. These days, Google PageRank is losing its importance to the seasoned internet marketers since Google has made it difficult to retrieve the score from their servers. It is updated every 3-6 months which consequently claims itself an indefinite way to judge the status of website. It only flashes an idea about the link strength of a particular website based in Google’s algorithm

Preference of MozRank over PageRank

Basically, mR depends upon the ability of webpage to gather links from several popular pages, whereas PR depends upon back links of other sites holding high PR linked to it.

  • One of the most vital features which let mR take a point over PR is the accuracy of score. It provides SEOs with a more precise interpretation, e.g. 4.75 instead of just 4 (as measured by PR).
  • MozRank passed is the measurement of the value of an individual link. Some subtitles, link dampening, duplicate links are examined and taken into account. Thus, this increases the accuracy of score value.
  • The mR tool is updated frequently due to which it assigns a precise rank to web page, allowing users to tally their websites SEO effectiveness.
  • The PR’s algorithm includes factors, such as the size of a page, the number of changes, the past updated time, etc whereas mR includes link popularity on major search engines, popularity on blogosphere, Wikipedia links, traffic rank, etc.
  • The other positive side of mR is that there is rapid progress in their ranking system, faster than PR. However, at higher the values, there needs a lot of work play.
  • Operating on the same algorithm as mR, Domain-level MozRank (DmR) computes for both sub domains and root domains. It’s applicable to the domain- level link graph, where an additional insight of individual pages under the respective domain is offered by DmR

If you write for your target audience first and optimize for search second, your target will come and so will the links.

SEO measurement is a changing game but always know, whatever tool you're using, let it function as a yardstick. For instance, a site that scores well under Alexa Traffic Rank does not automatically score well on the other two functions. consistently measure yourself as well as your competition under the tools most fitting for your goals. Pre-plan your measurement tools with your target in mind.
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