14 October 2013

Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority

There are numerous signals that the search engines consider when ranking a website and as we know the search engines are constantly tweaking these algorithms and giving more or less weight to certain factors in order to improve search results and combat web spam. While we don’t know exactly how much of a factor it is compared to other signals, we do know that one of the things that the search engines consider is the authority (or power) of the domain of the website. Domain authority conveys trust to the search engines which is important because the search engines want to rank websites that users will find beneficial.

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Domain Authority

As name indicate domain authority is an rating of a website like Page Rank And Alexa Rank . It is short termed as DA . One should concentrate on Domain Authority because it depends upon Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank  And Backlinks to your website . In simple words if you are having high Domain Authority , it means you are having Good Alexa And Page Rank & Backlinks too .

According to seoMoz, authority numbers are high level metrics that attempt to answer the question “How strong are this page’s/site’s links in terms of helping them rank for queries in Google.com?”

Steps to Increase Domain Authority

Here we're going to provide some steps to increase domain authority

  • Choosing nice domain name+domain age : You can buy old domains from GoDaddy or other domain sellers from their auction portals. And in this way you will be saved the hassle of making a domain age well with time by working your brains out on it. An easy to discover domain name which is short i.e max 15 characters also helps a lot!
  • Building back links : Seriously everything that needs to be told about this already has been told 
Just focus on diversifying your link portfolio i.e. try to get links from different sources rather than all emanating from one.
Tweeting from a high authority profile also leads to consistent back link generation.
  • Writing better : If you consistently churn out 3 or more than three 1000 words+ articles per week with solid on page SEO, then there’s no stopping you. This is by far the best method for increasing domain authority.
  • Strong Inter-linking :Ulimate guide to increase domain authority strong interlinking
  • Ulimate guide to increase domain authority : Strong interlinking, makes the site stand apart!You can use several plugins for this like Nrelate, or YARPP. They help in better linking. Otherwise you can always manually place links to articles which you think are related to what you are currently writing.
Using proper descriptive anchor text is the key to better interlinking. Also use breadcrumbs to provide a structure to your site..

  • Social Signals : Google has now started scraping the old page rank only system to some extent. This is visible to a great extent when sites with low or no page rank rank higher in SERPS for really competitive search queries. This is the age of +1′s, re-tweets and likes. So make sure your content gets noticed more on Social Media. Make a following of genuine people who love and share your content, rather than bots/zombie people who just sit and don’t even notice.
If you can work on building domain trust and thus improve your domain authority, you will be able to get your latest content to appear on search engine results. What experiences have you had with these concepts as you’ve built links for your blog? Share them with us in the comments
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  1. Okay, so how do we check our DA? :)

    1. Go to http://moonsy.com/domain_authority/ to check DA.

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