16 October 2013

Make Money With Clixsense

Make Money With Clixsense
Many people join the web to get some online money but very few of them could get some real money and rest just leave the web without getting anything.So here in this article we're going to share about an online earning programme which is real easy and don't even need any basic skills.
ClixSense is a most popular site in the world of PTC (Paid to Click)advertising. It works very similarly to NeoBux in that you earn money by viewing ads and you can also earn even more by referring people.
When someone signs up to ClixSense using your referral link they become part of your downline. This means that you earn a commission from a percentage of what people in your downline earn. It's a great system and really opens up the earning possibilities once you get some active people in your downline.

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Get Started With Clixsense

  • Sign Up

First goto the clixsense homepage and sign up with a valid email id and then goto your email and validate the link.

  • Login

Next you need enter your username and password to login

  • View Ads and Earn Money

Next you just need to view ads and earn money,simple!


Clixsense have two types of membership for free user and paid users.

  • Standard Members

  • Premium Members – only $17 / Year!
Paying the money for the Premium Membership can be made with any of the accepted payment processors or from the ClixSense’ Main balance. Moreover you can pay partially with your Main balance and the remainder with your payment processor. For Premium Members the referral system is 8-level deep.

ClixSense makes possible for you to upgrade one of more of your referrals. If you decide to upgrade a referral of yours, simply pick his/her username, and upgrade his/her account for only $15. In this case you will not receive the $2 comission for your referral’s upgrade, for this reason the price is $2 lower.

Clixsense Ads

To click the available ads simply click the View Ads button. There are four types of advertisements at ClixSense

It is highly recommended to check the sites several times a day, there might be new ads to click. ClixSense has a tool-bar, which is highly customizable according to your needs. Its main feature is that it shows your balance and the available ads in real time. You can’t miss any ad with this tool-bar. After the ad link is clicked a Captcha tool appears. There are 5 pictures, 4 dogs and 1 cat. Find the cat and click it. ClixSense implemented this cheat-checker to filter the cheaters and auto-clickers to prevent them to abuse the system. The cheat checker occurs every time when an ad link is clicked. There’s no picture challenge for the ClixGrid. Another new feature implemented by ClixSense, that makes happy the advertisers is that the you have to keep the ad page on focus. Minimizing the tab/window with the current advertisement running makes the timer to stop. So users must literally watch the ads they are paid for. This happens with every browser, except Google’s Chrome or Chromium. For some reason in those browsers the timer keeps running even the ad page is minimized.


ClixGrid is a game of chance. You can start it from the third button in the upper part of the page, called ClixGrid. You will be presented with a 30x20 grid, 600 blocks - each block opens an ad in a new window and you have to see it for 10 seconds. The prizes are from $0,25 to $5. Standard users have 25 chances every day, and Premium members have 50 chances.


At ClixSense there are no referrals for sale or rent. You can rely only on your Direct Referrals. Try to find as many as you can. As you can see your Direct Referrals’ ID, you can promote their referral links, as well. This is good for your referral, and for you. Giving referrals to your referrals you keep them motivated, on the same token, if you are upgraded, you earn commissions from your referrals 8-level deep.
At ClixSense there’s no need to click your own ads to receive the commission for your referals’ clicks.

ClixSense Tasks

There are small jobs available to complete on ClixSense, called Tasks. These are a set of instructions (Google search, categorize videos, images, find URLs, etc) you have to follow in order to receive the money for your job. The money you make with the completed Tasks are added to your Main Balance.
Referral commissions on Tasks: ClixSense pays a 5% commission to standard uplines and a 10% commission to premium uplines.


ClixSense pays the money via AlertPay, PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Cheque. The payout threshold is $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members, only for the Cheque International is $100. When you reach the payout minimum, next to your main balance a Request Cashout button appears. Payments are issued every Monday, once you requested your money, you’ll be paid on next Monday.
On ClixSense there are survey tasks. To make even more money, you might want to take some survey jobs, however there are several countries (Nigeria, North Korea, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Malaysia, Romania, Serbia, El Salvador, San Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua) that are not allowed to participate. ClixSense has an active forum, there you can find answers for any question you might have regarding ClixSense, and about making money with PTC sites in general.

Legitimate or Not

As we all know there are many fake advertisement programme out there in the web,so before we get started with clixsense we must have to know whether they would really pay you or not.So,the answer is it is 100% legitimate and paying their user from 2007.Below we're sharing a payment proof.

So no need to worry about the payment,if you reach the threshold they would surely pay you via the payment method you chooses.

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So if you haven't yet started earning online money then join clixsense now and enjoy earning from home in no time.Your views about this article are highly appreciated.
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