20 October 2013

Top 10 Useful Firefox Add-on for Web-Developers


Top 10 Useful Firefox Add-on for Web-DevelopersFirefox may not be the most popular web browser in the current world. In fact, most people admit to download it and then never use it. But, it does have some very nice perks for people who have business to conduct online. This is due to the huge availability of  extensions/ plugins/ add-ons for firefox which allow people to use  their online business more efficiently than any other browser. As per example, there are add-ons for SEO, for web developing,for blogging and so on. So before you uninstall your Firefox browser, have a quick look to see if it may be worth keeping if you had one of these add-ons attached.

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List of Add-on

  • Resizable Textarea

This is actually a funny tool which allows user to change the size of the text area they are trying to work with on a ite. As perexample, if user typing into an area but it does not allow them to see very much of what they have just written, maybe just two or three lines, it'll allow users to expand the text writing area so that you may see more.

  •  AutoPager

This tool allows user to look at the next page as soon as they just finished reading the current page.  It is very good for those stupid web pages that break articles into several pages so that user get exposed to more affiliate adverts. It is also handy if user using search engines, because it'll make user able see the next page without having to click.

  • Brief the RSS Reader

There are quite a few RSS readers for Firefox, but this one is pretty popular nowadays. It has a number of features that allow people to organize their RSS feeds and there are features that allow people to look at headlines and titles before clicking on the RSS feed title in order to see the blog post as well. This add-on is also highly customizable.

  •  ReminderFox

You can set up a number of reminders that are arranged by date with the help of this add-on. This add-on will display your reminders and allow you to manage your list. It is a  very handy program for those who don't have any organizer software on their computer. You may simply load your browser and have a look at what you should or should not be doing at this time.

  •  FireShot

This one is good for taking a screenshot of a web page. It is good for if there is something funny or interesting that you wish to show other people. It may even be good for those  who like to save the text or image so that it could be read later (such as with Infographics). However presently it's being used by a lots of people to prove that they reached high scores on web-based games.

  • Read It Later

This allows you to save links to website pages that you wish to read later. A lot of people use their favorites bar on IE for this, but with FireFox you can use this add-on to store these links especifically. It then makes it easier for you to nip back later and read those web pages at your own pace and leisure.

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  •  Instablogs Submitter

This allows you to upload things to your blog very quickly. You must first link your blog with the add-on and then it will allow you to add things from the websites you visit. You may click a link or an image and attach it to your blog. You don't even need to highlight the items. All you have to do is simply made a right click and then submit.
  •  SkewzBar

This one is supposed to help your blog become less biased. You use it and submit to it, and the content that you submit is rated upon how biased it is. The rating is done by the Skewz community.

  • Headup

It is a great add-on which will allow you to better refine your Google search results. You may simply use the “advanced search” section on Google’s search engine if you like, but if you don't fancy clicking into the option screen every time you run a search,then  you may use similar tools with this FireFox browser add-on.

  • Feedly

Using this add-on you can simply turn your website’s home page into something that looks a little bit more like a magazine. You may also add excerpts from various sources such as Google Reader, Frienfeed, Twitter, YouTube,Delicious etc. There must be an RSS feed present in order to use this tool.

Hope you really enjoyed this article.Have we missed some add-on?just let us inform through the comment box below.
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  1. I don't know much about these add onn but I do know that this is helpful to web developers out there. :)

  2. I think the instablog submitter can really be an efficient way to tap up your blog.

  3. This would have been helpful...if I actually use firefox..lol