22 October 2013

Useful SEO Tips for Blogger


Useful SEO Tips for BloggerSEO is such a thing more you read more you know.It's an endless game.You maybe a good content writer with some unique writing skill but still you need to know about this.Each and every blogger daily search for it through the web and love to read whether they are a pro-blogger or just a newbie blogger.This is such a thing which change each and every day,so we all have to keep updated with the practise of SEO techniques.So here we're going to share some of such useful SEO tips exclusively for our reader.

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Blog Name

Sometimes your blog name doesn't matter but sometimes it does.Sometimes reader do went
for blog's name on search results.So before deciding your blog's name you should keep in mind following points. 
  • Your blog name should be different but common
  • It must be something exciting and eye-catching
  • It will go with your blog niche

Image Optimization

Image of your blog often take important part to make your blog well popular on SERP.So you have to go for making seo friendly image.If you can make that possible your blog's image will help you a lot getting a good position on SERP.You must also take extra importance making your blog's image something juicy so that user will love to land on your blog through those images.


Your blog must contain a sitemap which will make your blog easy navigation enable.A sitemap is such a thing which contains every single post of your blog so that user can easily find their desired content.Search enginees always take priority to those blog which are easy to navigate.This would also increase your readers spending time on your blog as well.

Post Heading

Your blog post heading also take some important part .Your post heading must foolow these
  • search engine optimization friendly tag
  • unique and something new
  • post related

Social Networking

social networking are become the life of today's generation-facebook,twiiter,google plus etc. So if you want run for search engine optimization then you have to take care of all this social networking site,cause search engine take priority on how much time your post getting shared on such sites,how much popularity it gets.So for that you must have to include some social share button on your blog,so that readers can easily share your post

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Hope this tips would  help you to make make blog well established in the field of SEO.If you do want  to share something else with then just go for ti on the comment box below

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  1. Maybe next time, when referring to things such as site maps or other widgets on blogs, provide screencaps so it's more clear, to get a better idea.


  2. One tip I learned about images for SEO is to change the image name to actual keywords before uploading them. Nice post! :)

  3. Having a catchy name also helps on the recall aspect.

  4. Very helpful tips! It's great for those who are just starting.