4 December 2013

Customize Blogger Bullet Point Style

Customize Blogger Bullet Point Style

Once again we come with an interesting blogger template tweak for our reader.Guess you already well familiar with the term 'bullet point' while using msword,now it's on blogger.By default bullet list style is looks very dumb on our blogger blog.So,here we'll going to learn how to improve it's look just by using a beautiful inage in place of them.So let's move onto the tutorial part below.

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How to Do This

  • First log onto your Blogger account.
  • Next go to Blogger  Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.(don't forget to back up your template)
  • Then search for ]]></b:skin> and above it paste the below codes

.post ul li { list-style-image:url('http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V8D0HmJ6Yc8/TgX2iy4rMOI/AAAAAAAAEiw/9DH-JDXBaNE/s1600/bullet-point-image-5.gif'); }

  • Now save the template and you're done


Replace http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V8D0HmJ6Yc8/TgX2iy4rMOI/AAAAAAAAEiw/9DH-JDXBaNE/s1600/bullet-point-image-5.gif with your Bullet Icon URL

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That's all you got your newly customize bullent list point.Now impress your blog visitor with such an amazing bullet point design.Any problem while tweaking,just use the comment box below.
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  1. This can really help a post be more organized with the bullet points.

  2. Very helpful post! Thanks for sharing. Always great to have blogger tricks :)

  3. Wow! this is cool and very helpful! Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. Carl: A customized bullet is really impressive. I must try this at home!

  5. Im not familiar with bullet points,but upon reading this post,I gained knowledge! Thanks! :)

  6. Some bloggers are used to put some bullets in their blogs for they look artistic. I just only used them when enumerating things for emphasis.