5 December 2013

Facebook Introduced Sticker Store for Dextop Chat


Facebook Introduced Sticker Store for Dextop ChatAlmost we all know facebook as the social networking giant.We all use them for socially get connected with people around the world.Some of us use facebook as a business purpose where some of us do use it to just as time pass and other use it fo get connected with friends and make new friends along all over the world as well.So if you're a part of that social networking site then you must saw the features they are updating for their user to give their user a much better experience with their site.Being a facebook user you must often use chat for several purpose and those emotions as well but have you yet been noticed the new sticker options there?Stickers are just a little bit different than emoticons. They are detailed characters as compared to emoticons. Stickers are too easy to use, you can use them in the same way as you use emoticons in chat window previously.

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How to Use Stickers? 

  • First open a message or chat box for the person you wished to send the sticker 
  • Then just click the smiley face in the chat window at the top right
  • Scroll down to see the available stickers 
  • Choose your desired sticker and click on to send

How to Add New Sticker Packs on Chat Box?

  • Click sticker store icon and visit store
  • Click on the free button below your sticker pack
  • Now that pack will be added into your chat box.Now just perform thes steps again to add further more sticker packs into your chat box.
That's all.Now just use those stickere into your chat to have a more user friendly chatting experience with your friends,family or co-workers.Have fun guyz..!!
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