28 December 2013

Google Webmaster Tool Adds Security Issue Feature

Google  Webmaster Tool Adds Security Issue Feature
In this year 2013 google is doing various improvement with their website and services,one among them is google webmaster tool.Google recently announced a new outstanding feature for their Google Webmaster Tools named as Security Issues. This new dashboard helps you quickly know what security issues your site has and how to find the source of the issue .then also how to repair your google results after you fix the issue. Mariya Moeva from the Google team said in a Google Webmaster Help thread explained the tool is aiming to "help webmasters whose site has been hacked pinpoint the issues and recover easily."

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Google Webmaster Tool Security Setion

This security issue will alerts the webmaster when they have an security issue or when their site was hacked. it also provides complete details about security issue occurance.

The security issue option will provide the list of websites and pages which are considered as hacked sites. these hacked sites will have some major issues like malware detection or spamming. the security issue will provide the specific urls that includes problem code snippet and the date when google find the issue in the sites. These information are helpful to clean up the hacked site and also helps to fix it.

Google will also explain about the kind of malware injection that are used for hacking the sites.  Some of the malware injections are website template injection, a SQL injection and a malware code injection. if the site is considered as a spam then it provide an urls that are having a spam contents by alerting as content injection.

With the help of the information, webmasters can easily find out the ways to determine that how the issue happened and what is the reason for the issue and how to fix it. bloggers with wordpress blog cannot able to find difference between SQL injection and content injection and also for the plugin injection

webmaster can get even more details about the hacked site by clicking the specific issue when it was available. for example if google detected malware in website then provides the recommended solutions for webmasters such as how fix the malware issue. it also recommends webmasters to fetch as a googlebot, sometimes spammy content can be hidden in the  css file, so webmasters can't easily find out these contents when they are checking it.

Webmaster tools also provide request Review option, after clearing the malware in the websites. webmaster can submit a request option or a review. these request issue option can be find in security page issue itself.

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This is indeed a great news for every webmaster who use google webmaster tool various purposes.Adding such a security option will really help any site to get notified of any type of hacking or malware activity.So what is your view about this?Do share with us through your comments.

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