21 December 2013

How to Customize Your Videos with Wondershare Video Editor

Have a load of video clips captured on your camcorder or mobile device? Want to customize them and make spectacular videos on your own? In fact, everyone can easily achieve that with the help of WondershareVideo Editor. This easy-to-use video editing tool is designed for creating beautiful home movie from basic video, photo and audio files you have. Here is a guide to help you easily customize your videos.

Step 1: Launch the application and add media files

Download and launch Wondershare Video Editor. Choose from 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio to start a new project. Then add the video and audio files you want to use in your movie by clicking the “Import” option. Alternatively, you can also directly drag and drop your media files to the program. Wondershare Video Editor supports most popular video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, VOB, FLV, MOV and others.

Step 2: Customize your video as you like

Now drag your videos files to the timeline at the bottom of the program window. Sort them into the order you want them to appear in your movie. Then easily crop, cut, split or rotate them on the timeline.

After that, you can customize the videos according to your needs:
Add transition: Click the “Transition” button. Choose the transitions you like and drag and drop them to the timeline between your video clips. Then double click the effect to set the transition duration. You can click “Apply to all” if you want to set the same duration for the whole video.

Add music or sound effects: To make a music video, drag and drop the audio files to the music track of the timeline. Then double click the audio file on the Timeline to adjust the Fade in/out and pitch settings or select the speed and volume of the sound. You can also add more sound effects by clicking the “Sound” button and add the sound effects as you like.

Add text: Click the “Text” button, select the text type you like and drag the effect to the Text track. You can stretch the effect icon over the whole track to have the text appear during the whole video, or just a part of it. Then double click the icon to type in the text and customize the font, size and color.

Apply more special effects: Wondershare Video Editor provides more video effects which gives you more options to customize your video. You can easily add different kinds of effect like Face-Off, Tilt-Shift and Mosaic Blur by right-clicking the video and choose “Power Tool”. On top of that, creating a split screen video is also piece of cake. What you have to do is drag the video files to the PIP tracks and adjust the settings.

Step 3: Save or share the customized video

When done, hit the “Create” button and choose your preferred distribution method: save to as a video file, burn to DVD or even upload to YouTube and Facebook. Now after updated to 3.5.0 version, the YouTube and Facebook account can be detected automatically and logged in if you had already signed in your social account. Check what’s new in version 3.5.0 here.
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  1. This is definitely helpful. I haven't heard of Wondershare before, but thanks for sharing! :)