30 January 2014

12 Essential Tips Before You Start Your Blog

12 Essential Tips Before You Start your Blog
Without proper preparation it’s hard to perform well whether it’s exam or building an online business like blogging.So if you have decided to enter into this online world of blogging and decided to run your own blog then there are several thing which you should take proper care.So here in this post we’re going to discuss about some tips which will help any newbie to start their blogging carrier.


This is the first thing you need to choose,you should choose such a niche for which you are passionate and you are well familiar with.If you’re getting confused among two or three niche and can’t decide which one to go with then we would recommend you that niche which is more popular,have large number of audience and quite profitable too,such as technology,blogging,health,fashion,sports,celebrity news,review etc.


Next thing is to choose the platform you want to use for blogging purpose.If you’re a non-techy person then wordpress is better for you than blogger due to excessive availability of plugin wordpress provide and if you do want to blog with free platform then blogger is better for you cause blogger provides more customization option than wordpress when it comes to free.There are also some other blogging platform out there like joomla,drupal,webs etc. which are not so popular.


Getting a proper domain name with a top level extension like .com,.net or .org according to your niche will help your blog to boost visibility in the eyes of search engines.


If you choose to host your blog by yourself then there are various hosting services out there,like hostgator,bluehost,even wordpress offer hosting service for their user,but when it comes to blogger you don’t need to have any host cause blogger doesn’t permit you to host your blog yourself.


Next comes theme or we may call template.There are various templates available for wordpress or joomla within their system.Blogger doesn’t provide so large ranges of templates like them but you can get templates for blogger in various sites even in TechTrickHome.So if you are a non-techy person you can choose any of them or can hire any webdesigner to build a template according to your niche.


A tag line is really important for any blog as it represents the blog niche. Tag line not only helps you create a slogan but also helps you represent your blog in online sphere with more confidence too. You should turn your readership into leads and your leads into customers creating an effective tagline for your blog.


If you’ve decided to build your blog on wordpress then you should take care of some plugin wordpress offer to build and manage your blog smoothly,some such plugins are Akismet, AudiPlayer, Broken Link Checker, SEO by Yoast etc.

Content Strategy

Without a content strategy, you cannot run your blog successfully. Before publishing a blog, you should come up with a solid content strategy. You should know what kind of information you will be sharing on your blog. If you are going to cover different topics on your blog, it is recommended to divide those topics in different days.

Link Building

Before get started with your blog you should start link building with your fellow blogger by joining various social networking site community or by joining forum discussions.

Target Your Audience

It is always important to target your audience before your start your blog.That way this would be easy for you to serve post to your reader.


Timing is also an important factor to start your blog.As we all know at the beginning of any blog we need to spend much more time to make it stand,so wait for proper time when you’re free to work onto your blog and then start your blog.

Store Well Amount of Post

Write and store well amount of post for your blog so that when you start your blog you can regularly update your blog and get notice both by search enginees as well as your blog readers.

 Must Read Some Basic SEO Rules

So these are the some factor you need to concentrate while starting you blog.If you do believe we missed any factor that you think should be added into this list,then just ping us through your comment.

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  1. But it is hard to get audience before you start your blog. To get readers you need to have a few good posts already.

  2. i still have a prob with my tagline and this made me work on it even more

  3. This can really help your blog start well on the net.

  4. amount of post and time is such a big factor for me in order to give some love to my blog.

  5. I think target your audience should be before content stragety. You can't build a content strategy, an efficient one, if you don't know your target audience.

  6. You nailed it! These are the only items I can also think of when advising someone who intends to start a blog.

  7. I wish I read this advice about Wordpress long ago! I'm now too much into my Blogger-based blog to change platforms. I am happy with Blogger but you make Wordpress sound good. :-)

  8. These tips are very helpful for newbies. Thanks for sharing.

  9. these are very helpful tips for beginners. good job!

  10. Great tips, you nailed actually most of the basic things that's needed for beginners.

  11. My initial difficulty when I started a blog was choosing a niche. I thought I was a very random person, but thankfully I am able to narrow it down now