11 January 2014

Control Your Android from PC


Control Your Android from PC
Many people wish to manage their android phone from their personal computer 'PC' so that they can have a direct acccess to it from their pc.So here we came up with a tutorial about how to control your android phone directly from your pc.It is actually very simple and easy.There are several free software/apps are out online with which you can do that job easily.However here what software we're going to share is the most user friendly and still per our view the best one.It do take very less memory that any other such apps,so it doesn't cause any hanging problem also.It is known as Airdroid.So here let's get started.

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AirDroid is a fast ,free app that helps you wirelessly manage and control your Android Device from a web browser Over-The-Air.

How to Use Airdroid ?

  • First download and install airdroid  from Airdroid's official download page.

  • After installation run it and you will be able to see a screen like the above screenshot where you'll see the url (ip address) and password field.
  • Next  open your browser and insert  the url (ip address with port) that you saw earlier in that airdroid app.An example screenshot  is given below for your help.

  • Once you insert the url you'll see a login box that'll be asking about a password.So enter the password that  you had already seen earlier in the app.

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Then it's all done!Now you can control  your android phone directly from you computer.
Enjoy!!If still facing any problem then just ask us for help through the comment box below.
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  1. For me an AirDroid app is very effective in doing the duties of a file manager, task manager and app manager. Everyone must try and enjoy using this.