7 January 2014

Create A Nameless Facebook Fan Page

Almost everyone of us use facebook,but very few of us do know how to play with it.So here we're going to share an amazing trick with you.Facebook do have a feature termed as fan page,many of you may have one,two or more.So have you ever been tried to built a nameless facebook fan page?Guess no,so here is the trick.Using this trick you can easily make an facebook fan page with invisible name.

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How to Make it?

  • First Go to this link
  • Then you will see various categories for creating facebook page but we recommend Cause or Community

  • Then after clicking on Cause or Community . Facebook will ask for a page name.
  • So now go to this site and type only these words and copy them as per the picture below according to your wish

  • Now insert those word you have copied from the text editor of that site.If you get error called “Page name already exist” then do again went to that site text editor and change the order,or increase the length of words
  • Now create your page and see it whether it's nameless or not.
  • Congrats , You create your first facebook page without name
That's it,you can also take a look onto the video tutorial as well.

Create A Nameless Facebook Fan Page


  • Must use latest updated version of Firefox or Chrome to do this trick.
  •  Only checked on Facebook Fan Page,no Facebook Profile or Facebook Groups but it may also work there as well.
  •  Use your PC Or Laptop only.

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Hope you like this trick.For more such be with us by subscribing our social pages and rss feed.If you're facing any problem while doin this just let us know through your comment,we'll be happy to help you.
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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! This surely is useful especially for those who are new on Facebook. I'll be referring your post to my mom. :)

  2. Hey Debarpan,
    Very Nice Trick :D
    Thanks for Sharing but i Guess Facebook is now Deleting this Kind of pages!