17 January 2014

Fastest Way to Stop Unwanted Notifications on Facebook


Stop Unwanted  Notifications on Facebook
Its awkward when people add you to some groups against your wish, most specially groups that are out of your interest. People also display such habits on photo tagging as well on facebook. All this brings you  unwanted notifications.You shouldn't hate or get mad at a friend who added to a group you don't like, you can always leave. Its actually a sign of love or at least likeness when they tag you on a pictures or add you to a group. Some people do not understand this and go as far as unfriending their facebook friends because of this. So today am going to share the trick how to disable facebook notifications in a fastest way,which may get rid of your madness against such unwanted notifications.So let's move onto the tutorial part.

Steps to Follow

  • First log in to your Facebook Account
  • Then Click on the notification icon,as per the below screenshot.

facebook notification icon

  • After clicking on the notification Icon Hover your mouse over the notification you wish to stop.At the extreme end, you'll see a X  You can clearly see it on the picture below with the title "Turn Off"

  • Now cick on the button

  • Next click on Keep on to cancel action or Turn Off to permanently stop notifications from the group or app

After clicking Turn Off the image above you'll get  the message "You will not get notifications from Group Name".

That's it.You'll no longer be able to get any unwanted notifications from any group or any status you're followed or any picture you tagged in.Using this trick you don't have to visit individual group,photo or status to make it unfollowed.

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