16 January 2014

Know IP Address of Your PC


IP address means internet protocol,it actually determines  the numerical identification of the computer.It always important to know the ip address of your pc as it indicates your pc into a certain network.It is used to communicate between  the nodes of a computer network. 

When you connect to the Internet through an ADSL modem, it just get connected to the network interfaces.There is two way to determine that IP address-1)using command prompt 2)simply log into specialized sites to access the information.

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Using Command Prompt

  • Goto start menu
  • Click on search button and type 'cmd'
  • Open command prompt and you'll be able to see something like the below screenshot

  • Just there type 'ipconfig' and press enter,just like the below screenshot
  • After that you’ll be able to see a line in the command prompt box as per the below screenshot,like-“IPv6 address……..:” This is the  IP address of your pc on current network

Using Specialized Sites

  • Just go to this site whatismyip and follow the instruction provided there

For linux User

  • Simply type this command in a console as root ifconfig
  • In a console as user /sbin/ifconfig

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So now you just got to know about your IP address.Isn't it cool to know such a technical stuffs in a just simple way?Do share your view about this.
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  1. This is very helpful as your ip address is really important.

  2. I was trying out OpenDNS and it showed by IP address as well. What can you say about OpenDNS and its Parental Control service?

  3. I got asked by my hosting provider what my IP address is and I had to google it to know.

    Jen of MarriageAndBeyond.com