14 January 2014

Make Folders Invisible or Locked

How to make folders invisible or locked

Due to privacy reasons sometimes we need to keep our secrets away from peoples around us.Same as while using our pc to keep secret things we need to have something,using what we can make our documents secret on the pc.It's always good to keep things secrets asif you loose your pc someday you don't need to worry about misusing your secret datas.So here we'll going to share the ways of how to make your data secrets by making it invisible or locked.Here we'll share four ways-1)Using a Software 2)Changing the Folder Icon 3)Changing View Option and 4)Using Command Prompt

Using software

Here we'll use a software named “Folder Lock 7.0.6”,it  is a very useful software to lock any folder of your pc.You just have to follow the below instructions to perform the operation.

  •  First you have to download it by searching in Google
  • Then Install it and then set the password as shown in the picture below.

  • After that you’ll be able to see the following picture

    • Next you have to go to the “add ” option and to choose the file,folder or whatever you want hide.

    • Then you have to select the file/folder and click the option“hide” and close the application.

    That's it.You've just done.

    Changing the Folder Icon

    We can also use this simple method to perform the operation in very easy steps.

    • First Select the folder which you want to hide.Rename the folder by pressing F2 key.Now hold down "ALT" key and press 0160. (that is ALT+0160 combination) .Press Enter. You will see that the folder become no name
    • Now to change the folder icon to nothing, right click on the folder and go to properties.Click on "Customize" tab and select "change icon" option.When the icons appear select any one of the four blank icons and select it.Click OK.

    Now your folder is completely invisible without any name and without any shape and without the help of any software.

    Changing View Option

    This is the most easiest method.This is only for hiding folders.To follow it.just do as same.

    • First Right click on the desired folder and select "PROPERTIES".
    • Then under general tab set the attribute "HIDDEN" .The folder will now be  hidden.
    • After that what you have to do is simply open your windows explorer(or my computer). 
    • Next go to the option "organiser" as shown in the picture below.

    • Click on it and choose the option "folder and search option".
    • After clicking on it,you have to click on choose the option "view" and then choose the option "don't show hidden file......." as shown in the following two pictures with red mark.
    • Then just you click the "apply" button and the "ok" button.

    You're done here.Your folder is now completely hidden.Now move onto the next methods

    Using command prompt

    There is also an easy process to hide folder using MSDOS or you can say command prompt

    • First open command prompt as an administrator(right click on CMD and select "run as administrator")
    • Then type the DRIVE name follows as ":"(EXAMPLE-->E:)
    • Now type the command to hide folder attrib *** +s +h

    • Next type the command to unhide folder --  attrib *** -s -h

     Where *** is the name of the folder

    You're all done.

    Note:To unhide or unlock your destination file/folder you have to follow the same process in each case.

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    So you just made your privacy secure.It's better to use all of the above stated methods to make your documents safe but you can also use any one of them,if you're not a techy stuff.Your comments are highly appreciated in this topic.
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    1. Thanks for sharing . Protecting your confidential is a must especially if you are sharing your pc with somebody.

    2. I need this, thanks for sharing the step by step. :)

    3. I have tried all these tricks before and they are very helpful.

    4. This is really important to safeguard your files.

    5. Before, I hide folders because I share computer with the other members of the family but now I seldom use this because I personally have my own computer. This is helpful! :)

    6. I'm not using this kind but I'll try for some of my folders. It adds another item on my "cooke jar."

    7. wow this is a helpful post for me because I dont know how to do it. (although im aware that we can hide our files) bookmarking.... :)

    8. nice trick! though i use a mac passport to secure all my files and to back them up so my laptop wont be full hehe. nice tutorial!