7 January 2014

Remove Surname from Your Facebook Profile

Delete Surname from Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is the no. 1 social networking site in today's world.Daily millions of people use it for various purposes,but very few of them well known about some easy but amazing tricks of this social site.Generally facebook doesn't provide their user to make a profile without surname or last name.Hope you already noticed that.What if you could make your facebook without having any surname?Isn't it cool?Yes,absolutely.So here we're going to provide a trick using that you'd be able to remove your surname from your facebook profile. 

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How to Do This?

  •  First Install Firefox browser on your pc system. You can do the same with Google chrome too, but we recommend you Firefox for problem free workout.
  • After installing,Log onto your Facebook account.

  •  Then open a new tab on Firefox browser, Go to  here and select any Indonesian/Philippines proxy whose up time is more than 70% in average.
  •  Now open Firefox browser and go to the Tools > Options > Advance > Network > Settings and mark on Manual proxy configuration.See the below screenshot for help.

firefox network settings

  •  Next Paste the IP address and port number of proxy that we have choosed before, In the HTTP Proxy and port field.

  • Now check mark on "use this proxy server for all protocols".

  •  Now if you want to check whether your IP  has really  been changed or not you can  Go here and verify that else you can move onto the next step directly.
 If selected proxy is not working properly, then try any other proxy from the list that you could find on the above mentioned site, and insert that proxy with Firefox and then again verify.
  •  Now open your Facebook account and go to account settings of your Facebook account, Under account settings change language from English to Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Next Edit your name and remove last name and save just as per the below screenshot.

  •  Then  just change the Language to Bahasa Indonesia to English again. 

Now see your Facebook profile and you will notice that you just removed your  surname from Facebook Profile,Just like the below screenshot.

You can also take the help of below video tutorial as well.

That's it you're all done.If still facing any problem then just use the below comment box for any kind of help.
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  1. I had a very big Profile name, Thanks for the tut, now will make it short! :)

  2. nice tutorial now i will working on my profile name :)

  3. My friend tried this but he didn't get his surname back after changing it..

    1. May your friend did something wrong.I myself got my surname back after reverting the process.

  4. This is something interesting, I will try it. BTW thanks for sharing buddy.

  5. Thats something really interesting to know. But, why would anyone want to remove surname from facebook?

    1. This is for those who love to play with facebook.