8 January 2014

Top 10 Largest Zoos in the world

Top 10 Largest zoos in the world
These days when people are always busy with their own stuff, there are some nature living beings who love to know more about the creatures other than humans. If you are a pet lover and have interest in the wild life, and wish to know world's loargest zoos then this post is only for you.So,ifyou really wish to know about the 10 largest zoos in the world then here you can get that complete list,so let's move onto the below list.

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Berlin Zoological Garden

Area: 84 Acres
Species of Animals: 1,500
Country: Germany

The home of over 19,000 animals is the oldest Zoo in Germany that traces its presence since 1844. This situated at the corner of Berlin’s Tiergarten houses the most spectacular and comprehensive collection of species in the world, that's why it is the most visited zoo in Europe and most popular. Over 3 million visitors annually witness the most attractive activity, the feeding of animals.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Area: 580 Acres
Species of Animals: 793
Country: Ohio

Though it comes second into this list but at various occasions it's been named number one in U.S. that house over 9,000 rare animals, it  attract 2.3 million visitors annually. The 580 acres is not just a home to 793 species of the animals but  also a Zoombezi Bay and Jungle Jack’s landing place. This zoo has gained its worldwide popularity standard from its own conservation program and extensive funding to other programs.

The Toronto Zoo

Area: 710
Species of Animals: 491
Country: Canada

Another most beautiful zoo contains animals from all over the world. The 710 acres of land are divided into seven different regions and each region house animals from different parts of the world. There are 5000 animals living in a habitat, created since 1974. The Metropolitan Toronto Zoo is an attraction for visitors of any age.

The Beijing Zoo

Area:219 Acres
Species of Animals: 950
Country: China

This is a hundred year old zoo. There are over 6 million visitors annually to see the zoo’s most popular animals, Chinese Alligators, South China Tiger, the Giant Pandas and Chinese Great Salamander.This zoo is highly popular for preserving the collection of rare animals endemic to China. Though it is a century old but it’s still one among the world’s largest zoos in the current world.

The henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Area: 130 Acres
Species of Animals: 962
Country: Nebraska

The zoo was initially the Riverview Park Zoo in 1864, later it turned into a house of 962 different species of animal. This is mainly notable due to its largest cat complex in North America and that is why there are millions of paid visitors each year.

The Moscow Zoo

Area: 53 Acres
Species of Animals: 927
Country: Europe

Another largest and most visited zoo in the Europe recently renovated in 1990’s by expanding and connecting two parts by a footbridge that was initially supported by the Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street. Recently a sea aquarium, a sea lion and an aviary are added to the list of attraction corners.

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

Area: 210 Acres
Species of Animals: 705
Country: South Africa

The national zoo of South Africa, normally known as Pretoria Zoo is split into main areas, flat and hilly areas,separated by the Apies River, that house over 705 species of animal. The largest zoo of South Africa is a house of 9,000 individual animals.This is basically noted for its wildlife conservation program.

The Bronx Zoo

Area: 265 Acres
Species of Animals: 650
Country: New York City

About 2 million people visit this marvelous zoo annually and it benefits  about $400 million per annum to the state.This zoo was opened in 1899 and entertains every type of animal from giraffe to gorilla and every other possible specie. It has a  snow leopard that was rescued from Pakistan in 2006 and in this spring  17-pound cub is born,son of Leo (from Pakistan) and Maya.

The London Zoo

Area: 36 Acres
Species of Animals: 755
Country: London

This zoo was opened in 1827 and  considered very first zoo on Earth.It is not just the recreational site but an educational and habitat protection spot that is involved in saving endangered species. It was emptied in World War II and grievously young giraffe died in the zoo from panic of the nearby bomb explosion. Dejectedly in the year 2013 a new born Sumatran tiger died by drowning.

The San Diego Zoo

Area: 100 Acres
Species of Animal: 650
Country: San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo, in Balboa Park, San Diego is one of the oldest and  most magnificent zoos and wildlife conservancy.To visit the zoo a Skyfari can be hired,also can be visited in a zoo bus.The People’s Republic of China gave two humongous Pandas just for 200 days and in that time more than two million people watched them.

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So these are the most largest zoos around the world.Have you visited any of them or wish to visit one,do let us know through the comment section.
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