21 February 2014

Disable Facebook Photo Theater Mode


Since facebook introduced there new timeline,they additionally added several other features there too.One among them is called 'Theater Mood'.Some Facebook users are not happy with this new feature of facebook called ‘Theater Mode’.This generally displays a black box around the photo which prevents users from interacting with the rest of the site,which is kind of like pop-up box out there.

You can disable this by simply open the photo in new tab or remove the “&theater” text from the end of the URL, another trick is that you can refresh the page to get back the default photo viewer.

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If you want to disable the theater mode permanently, then there is some other tricks.So let's move onto that part.

Steps to Follow

  • For ‘Chrome’ users

If you’re using Facebook in your Chrome browser then click here and there click on the install tab to install the ‘Facebook Photo Theater Killer’.Next a pop-up will ask you  for permission to start the installation,allow it by just clicking the ‘Install’ button there. 

  • For ‘Firefox’ users

If you’re using Facebook on your Firefox browser then you have to install ‘Greasemonkey’ Add-on.For that first you have to go there to install Greasemonkey add-on.Next you have to install a script onto your browser by clicking here.Now click the ‘Install’ button to install the ‘Facebook Photo Theater Killer’ script.

That’s it ! Now whenever you open photos in Facebook, it will show  all of your photos in a normal photo viewer,not on a pop-up like window.

How to uninstall the script ?

If you want to uninstall the ‘Facebook Photo Theater Killer’ script from the Chrome then simply go to ‘Tools' and choose the ‘Extensions' under there where you can disable or uninstall the script easily. You are also allowed to uninstall this script from Mozilla firefox browser by simply going  to ‘Tools’ & choose the ‘Add-ons’,next go to ‘User Script’ tab & there you can easily disable or uninstall the script.If you wish to uninstall the Greasemonkey add-on as well then simply goto ‘Extensions’ tab where you can disable or uninstall the add-on easily.

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So,that's it.Your facebook account is now totally free from that Photo Theater Mode.Enjoy your new custom facebook timeline.If you do have any problem regarding this,ask for help through the below comment sections.
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  1. aha! that's how you unistall the script. good think, i have read this!

  2. ahm i didn't notice this i'll check it..

  3. This def not for me and annoyed at my max. Thanks for the tutorial :-D