22 February 2014

Google Plus SMS Notification on Mobile Phone

 Google Plus SMS Notification on Mobile Phone
Google launched their social networking site google plus several times ago to compete with facebook,#1 social networking site.They introduced several interesting features in google plus.If you've already joined this site you may already  know some of them.Getting sms notification is one of them actually.This feature will allow you to get notification directly into your mobile inbox,for that you just need to have a verified mobile number.

You can receive the mobile phone SMS Notification on following activities:
  1. Mentions me in a post
  2. Shares a post with me directly
  3. Comments on a post I created
  4. Comments on a post after I comment on it
  5. Tags me in a photo
  6. Comments on a photo after I comment on it
  7. Comments on a photo I am tagged in
  8. Wants to tag me in a photo
  9. Adds me to a circle
  10. Comments on a photo I tagged
  11. Starts a Huddle conversation with me

So, You can enabled the sms notification for above 11 activities. So, Select the preferences based on your choice.Do not forget to share your view about this post through the below comment section.

Activate Google Plus Mobile SMS Notification

  • First goto google plus setting page
  • Next click on Add Phone Number Link and then choose  your country,now enter your mobile number and click on send verification code
  • Next just wait for few seconds and you'll receive a verification code on your mobile phone via sms. Enter that code on your profile setting page to verify your mobile number.
  • Once your mobile number verified, you'll start receiving notification based on your preference selected. Also, you can now update your Google Plus Stream via SMS.

Posting Updates via SMS 

You can also post status updates via SMS. To prevent SMS spoofing, it is recommended to add a security alphanumeric PIN.
  • @[circle name] – To share your update with selected circles.
  • @extended – To share your post with your extended circles.
  • @public – To make your update visible to everyone (including search engines).
  • @[email address] – To share your update with a particular person.

So if you wish to activate this feature then simply follow the below instructions.You will only receive SMS notification for selected preferences.

To start posting updates via SMS, send text to: +91 9222222222.

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Hope you enjoyed this article.Do share your view about this post through the below comment box.

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  1. I Didn't know about these features so I find your post really helpful.

  2. again thanks for this information , it helps me a lot..

  3. Interesting article. I've already had twitter and facebook notifications on , this will be a new addition I hope x

  4. Whoa I don't know this before. This is useful for very mobile people who are always on the road and don't have the time to check their laptops or desktops.

  5. This can really keep you updated with development with your google plus.

  6. I'm not into google plus but I haven't try sms notif so far. But I don't think i'd like to bug with sms notif. Email is fine but in sms? Not really. :)