20 February 2014

How To Know Who Unfollowed You on Twitter


When you see your follower count on Twitter drop, it’s a natural instinct to wish to find out who just unfollowed you. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a built-in way to check it right from your twitter account.There is a way to check is  by going through the who list of your twitter follower and manually check who just unfollowed you on twitter.It is possible only if you do have a small follower list else it's next to impossible and quite boring and also need huge time.So here we're going to provide a simple and easy way to solve it,if you’re dying to find out who just unfollowed you twitter, you’ll have to turn to a third-party application.There are many such apps available on twitter.You just need to go through the below list of applications.

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Mr. Unfollowr

  • It is a service which tracks your follower activity and notifies you when someone drops off the list. The free version gives you the option of being notified via direct message or email, about once per day. A premium version is available for those who wish to be notified more often. To get started, visit the site and sign in with your Twitter account; you'll need to authorize the app through Twitter and follow @unfollowr to get it to work.

Goodbye, Buddy!

  • If you grant Goodbye, Buddy authorization to check your Twitter account and follow the @GoodbyeBuddy profile, the service tracks your followers and updates once a day with a list of the people who have unfollowed you. It doesn't offer automatic notifications, but you can log into the Goodbye, Buddy website and view your unfollower statistics. The free service keeps track of your 30 most recent unfollowers. To view more or receive hourly updates, you can upgrade to the paid version.


  • Another similar  apps, TwUnfollow doesn't require that you follow them on Twitter in order to use the service. Just visit their site and sign in with your Twitter account to authorize the app, and it starts tracking your followers immediately. Within about 48 hours of being unfollowed, you'll receive an email notification. You can also check your unfollowers directly from your TwUnfollow profile page.


  • This is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that offers multiple ways to analyze and manage your Twitter community. In addition to tracking users who unfollow you, it also shows you the Twitter users you follow who don't follow you back and it makes it easy to follow and unfollow multiple users at once. SocialBro is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and as an add-on for Google Chrome.

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    Hope you like this post.If you do know some other apps like these just let us know through the comment box,else do share your view about this post.
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  1. very nice lists above!! though i don't really spy or check my followers that much haha I dont open my twitter on my laptop always on my hootsuite app on my iphone so I don't noticed the numbers. this would be cool to those who is in business to see what's changing in their followers or somthing

  2. i use the unfollow.com both in stag ram and twitter thanks for this list :)

  3. wooow! Now I know how to find out who unfollows me on twitter. hihi..thanks for sharing! :)

  4. This is nice. I can now find out who unfollowed me on twitter.