28 February 2014

Recover Hacked Facebook Account


Recover Hacked Facebook AccountFacebook is an addiction to many but is important for all, correct us if we're wrong but people have been so much obsessed with the social network, that many users (we personally know) have started using Facebook at work, family gatherings, at the airport, and where not?

However, addiction like this can sometimes be harmful, not physically but mentally. It happens when an account of a person who is very much addicted to Facebook gets hacked.

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How You May Lose It?

An example could be: Since those regular users who always like to login to their Facebook accounts to check their updates of ‘every second’ without caring if they are at some cafe, friend’s place or office etc. sometimes end up losing their Facebook profiles due to their utter fearlessness and carelessness.

How You Can Recover It?

  •  If a hacker managed to get into your account they will leave a trace. 
To know this Go to -  Account Settings - Security - Active Sessions (click edit). Here you can end the activity of suspicious sessions.

  •  Report Compromised Account
you can regain control over your hacked Facebook account, tell your friends 
  • Remove Suspicious Application

Application can also subsequently hijacked your account. To remove suspicious applications, go to > Home > Account Settings > Apps and go through the list. Click the > X next to any application you wish to remove or click > Edit to change what the app can do

Note: Sometimes hackers don’t change your password, they just enjoy watching your friends activity and any other important information you share on your Facebook profile, so in that case:

Login to your Facebook profile and go to Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions  and click on edit.  Over here you can check your account activity sessions, if you find anything suspicious like an access from an unknown region or place, that means your account might be hacked. So you should quickly change both your email address and password for keeping it secure.

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If you have any inconvenience in recovering your account from the aforementioned guide, then drop your comments in the box below, and we will try our best to assist you in the matter.
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  1. Noted and bookmarked. Thanks for sharing this! :) I hope no one will dare to hack my account. Haha!

  2. Hacked accounts can really be a problem so this should help.

  3. This indeed should really help, considering that I can only use Facebook while on the road with other computers. Will try this on the device that is stolen from me.