25 February 2014

Unblock an ID on Google Talk

Unblock an ID on Google Talk

Google talk is a software which enable users to not only get connected through chat but also through voice chat.This is really a great helpful tool provided by google.You can get socially connected more and more while using this one.Here gtalk also provide several options for their user like remove or block a person from your account if you don't wish to make any further contact with him/her,but what if later you change your mind and wish to make contact with him/her again?So then you need to unblock him/her,so for that here we'll provide you the exclusive tutorial here.

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Steps to Follow

  • First of all, login to your gtalk messenger and see the setting option at the right top of the gtalk window. 
  • Next click on setting button and it will open a popup box. 
  • Now navigate to blocked option from left menu bar and it will look similar to the below screenshot.

  • Now here if you have blocked any user from your gtalk messenger then their email id will be listed here otherwise it will be shown blank. So, If there are list of email id then choose the email id of that person and click on unblock button from right sidebar and finally press OK button to exit that window.

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So that's it,you just learned the process of how to unblock a friend or person on your google talk profile.To get such updates directly into your email do subscribe our rss feed.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. Great article!

    Clarified many doubts regarding the process which have occurred when I am doing that

  2. Been using Gtalk for very long.
    This is a nifty trick to learn!

    Priscilla * Pingerrain
    Singapore-based Travel, Craft and Lifestyle Blogger

  3. Pretty neat trick, time to unblock those goonies


  4. yay! this is another great tutorial! thanks for sharing! :)